Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Spirits Took Me Back to Witness Myself Walking at Baylor University

I knew that I would be in for a very heavy night with our spirits who are in heaven. They took me back and I was able to witness myself walking to my classes at Baylor University. I could actually see myself. As I was walking I was thinking to myself why was I the only Mexicano walking the campus to class among Anglo American students. Even then as I was looking around me on the campus I felt as I had been gifted to be there for a purpose that would one day be fulfilled by God.
I had just turned 18 years old and came to this university with a pillowcase full of the only clothes that I possessed because the monies that I had earned and saved that summer. Before departing for Baylor, our mother, Hilda, was already sick. She could barely get off the bed. I did not wish to leave for the university, but to stay at home and be with her. However, she made me promise that I would go to the university and become the man that she has brought into this world. I took every cent that I had saved and gave it to her. She made me keep $5.00 since I was getting ready to hitchhike all the way from Corpus Christi, Texas to Waco, Texas which is close to 400 miles.
It took me one whole day. I arrived at the outskirts of Waco at midnight and walked the rest of the way to the Baylor University campus carrying the only personal property in my entire life in a pillowcase, but I never stopped being positive, as I was determined to be the best knowing that God had given me a chance to make history in this world. Most importantly I had made a promise to our mother, Hilda, that I would become the man that she had brought into this world -- a gift to her from God.
Your father came into my dream world and said that God gave me this insight tonight so that I would never forget that my entire life has been a struggle but that I have been able to overcome every hard struggle in my life and that soon I would also be able to overcome this unjust and unlawful incarceration handed as punishment to me by man and not by God.