Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Spiritual Life Was Altered in Solitary Confinement

It makes a big difference to go outside and feel the winds to be in the midst of what God has given to humanity from the formation of earth - the sky, the clouds, and sometimes the sun and the moon.

As I was praying and meditating this afternoon, I could not help but wonder how it was possible that I was able to survive three years in the dungeons of Leavenworth USP. I came to know hunger, thirst, sadness, loneliness, chains, shackles, darkness, and coldness. At times I wished that I would not be alive anymore on this earth. Yes, I went through all of these changes. They are changes that many human beings on this earth will never experience, and I pray to God that no one ever has to go through what I did.

For the longest time I was strong. Gradually my strength and desire to stay alive weakened like never before in my life. At times I would ask God to please take my life. It was during one of those days that I was on my knees, chained and shackled,  not knowing if I was going to survive such inhumane treatment. Even an animal would receive better care than I, and I was a human being.

Never will I ever forget that out of nowhere I could hear a voice coming into my soul, conveying for me to stand up, off my knees, and to be thankful to God because I was alive. From that day on I would not only be alive, but I would have pride, discipline, dignity and love, sharing with God and my beloved brother, Jesus Christ, that I would never again display signs of weakness. I would let the world know that I will struggle and fight for freedom to the last day that it takes of my life and the lives of those who join this journey of liberation.


I know that it was my beloved brother, Jesus Christ, who came into the cold darkness. I was on my knees feeling sorry for myself because I had been praying and asking Him to come into my heart and soul and He did.


There is much going on in the world today. At the very end, when all the dust settles, it will all be about spirituality, God, and the different religious beliefs and convictions throughout the world. It is all about God -- the one who created this world.


The time has come for the world to realize that the only way to resolve differences is to first resolve one’s difference with God. After this, everything will be clear, because God does not intend to bring harm or sadness to humanity. He created the world for the purpose of knowing freedom, justice, peace, faith, spirituality and love, love, and more love.


The world is afraid to use the term love. They believe that it is a sign of weakness and this is the greatest mistake that we can make. May God forgive the world and may God forgive those who unjustly and unlawfully confined my life for the last 20 years.



Ramsey Muñiz

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ and Love of His Mother

In the Book of Mark, which is thought to be the first of the Gospels written, it is written that it was Mary Magdalene, Mary, and Salome who found the stone rolled away.  It was to Mary Magdalene that the resurrected Jesus Christ first appeared.  She seemed and was altogether stronger and more stalwart than the 11 remaining disciples (Judas having gone to perhaps by suicide, in grief). 

Women, including Mary and Mary Magdalene, were particularly noted for standing, kneeling, and crying by Jesus Christ during His ordeal on Golgotha. Once again the indications and the historical evidence reflects that women were, are, and shall forever be the symbol of consciousness as it pertains to freedom, justice, pride, family, courage, faithfulness, and love like no other.

I praise the courage and love of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, on the day that He gave His life on the cross with such pain and torture on His body and soul. I celebrate His glorious resurrection that came about as result of this mission of love.

I give glory and gratitude to the Mary, Jesus' mother, and to all the women close to Mary and Mary Magdalene, who never left the site of the cross where Jesus Christ was nailed alive. They remained until He was taken down.

This same courage and pride resides in our mothers on this earth. The time has come for us to embrace them like never ever before, and let them know how thankful we are for the love and sacrifices that they made for us.

Ramsey Muñiz