Sunday, May 4, 2014

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo 2014

"Ramsey, my son, it is evident and soon history will reveal to the present and past generations your contributions and sacrifices in the political , cultural and spiritual struggle for truth and justice, to the extent that you sacrificed your freedom, personal interests, family, and happiness."  Dr. Salvador Alvarez

Dr. Andres Guerrero, author and graduate of Harvard School of Divinity, is writing a book on the background, life, and imprisonment of Ramsey Muñiz. Having been led by the spirit of God, he traveled to Leavenworth, Kansas to find him chained and struggling to hold the phone with his hands. It is true. Ramsey Muñiz is suffering. He has suffered like no other for 21 long years, unjustly incarcerated in the prisons of American.  Ramsey writes the following:

After 21 years of unjust imprisonment, suffering, pain in the prisons of America, it is with great love and honor to share feelings of pride about El Cinco de Mayo, a historical and spiritual day of remembrance about our ancestors.

It is written historically that 153 years ago, our Mexican brothers and sisters demonstrated to the entire world what it is to have valor, courage, pride, love, and spirituality. They defended their honor by giving their lives. They showed the world the greatest and most powerful gifts from God, which are freedom, justice, and love!

In May of 1862, a powerful French army forced its way into Mexico with destruction. The strong French army was at its best. It was well-armed, disciplined, destroying all resistance as they marched into Mexico City.  They hoped to force the Mexican government honor previous debts and give up their pride. 

Outside the town of Puebla, an amazing event took place.  Mexican soldiers, with poor equipment and little training, defeated the world’s most powerful French army.  This battle came to be known as The Battle of Puebla, which was a battle for freedom, land, existence, and the defense of human rights.

The Battle of Puebla has been remembered and celebrated every Cinco de Mayo for the last 153 years! We take great pride in this historical event and we honor the men and women who defended the rights given to us by God from the time of our birth: freedom –-- justice –-- land ---- and love.

We continue to struggle for freedom – justice -- and love.  It is difficult to have these qualities today. For this reason we honor our ancestors for the sacrifice that they made with their lives so that on this day we could be free – politically, culturally, and spiritually.

Although my family and I experience suffering, sorrow, sadness, and imprisonment, we remain centered in who we are. We maintain love for God, love for ourselves, and love for our families. We treasure the spiritual family unity that our people are known to have.  

We take pride in the spirit of our ancestors. Through their heroic actions they demonstrated dignity and courage, which we inherited from them, for we believe in God’s gifts of freedom, justice, and love!

Que Viva El Cinco de Mayo!

Con mucho corazon,
Ramsey y Irma Muñiz y Familia