Tuesday, November 6, 2012

With God It Does Not Matter

With God it does not matter who the president is. What matters is freedom, justice, and love, and at the end those gifts from God will be fulfilled in one manner or another. We should depend on the spirituality, the love, and the strength that God shall bestow upon on hearts, soul and intelligence, so that we can fulfill was was ours from the time of our creation.
It will be God's will for us to be free and we must seek that freedom because it was taken away from us. To seek that freedom once again is what God wishes for us to do with all the strength, power and will in our intelligence, heart, and love.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Main Objective in Our Present Lives is Mom

Your father states over and over again not to ever lose sight in our hearts and souls that the main objective in our present lives is mom. Many other families and its members will comment that they have to make their own lives and move on. This is the greatest error that they ever make in the future of their lives because they are actually denying in so many ways the sacrifice of the mother that created them and made sure that they had everything in their lives and more. Some even refuse to admit the existence of their parents and family. How sad it is.
Now I know why the spirits who are in heaven are always elated with me because I express the love that I have for our mother, Irma, for you, and for the families. Many times I have even offered to share with God that I would be willing to give my life for the existence of mom without pain and suffering. Our mother, Hilda, always comes and embraces me and she shares with me that she is so proud of my heart and soul because of the love that I have for the family.


We Must Return to and Love That Which Created Us – Our Mothers

My mind and my heart is going one hundred miles per hour. For moments my mind and its thoughts and ideas are all here in earth, and then immediately it begins to travel with our spirits who are in heaven. I go over every word that they utter to me during our conversations. The love of a mother is the most powerful love of all, for she was the creation to be the creation of humanity. Even in our ancient history and cultura, I would be amazed with the writings of our ancient gods who were so proud of mothers. The  respect and love for mothers was beyond words, and to be disrespectful to one's mother would be the greatest sin that one would commit on this earth. It was like that for the longest time and that is the reason that we continue to exist as one of the greatest races ever on this earth. Eventually after destruction we hated each other. Now all of this has changed, and it is continuing to change every day of our lives.


La Virgin de Guadalupe will be coming back so strong that many are going to begin to state that they have seen and have witnessed the appearance of La Virgin and that appearance is all because her message is that we must return to and love that which created us from the beginning - our mothers.


Give my love to Mom and tell her that I thank her for the life that she had given and sacrificed.