Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Healing Power of Tea

In studying our ancient history and culture, I was so impressed with ancient writings that described  the healing power of hot tea. Our ancient ancestors grew plants with leaves that were known to be medicinal. They picked leaves off different plants and trees, and used them as remedies for various symptoms -- fever, colds, aches, and muscle pain.  This is why they lived to be older than any other on this earth.

I  recall that my own grandmother, Rosa, was a medical healer  who lived to be 104. I was with her when she died, and I remember embracing her for hours until they removed me. I did not want to let her go.

Now Grandma comes into this oppressive mode of darkness and gives me life like you have no idea. She even states that one day soon we shall be free.

When you or family members become ill, the most important thing to do is to drink hot tea, because it comes from the earth. It is a spiritual gift from God. Drink it with a squeeze of lemon juice and nothing else.  Pray as you consume the tea, asking God to heal you. For breathing, place Vic’s on the outside edge of your nostrils. Rub the bottom of your feet with Vic’s and wear socks.

In doing this, you will learn of the miraculous gifts given to us by God.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Loving Family Spirits on El Dia de Los Muertos

            How long has it been since we have reflected on that which unites us with our history, culture, ancestors, and families? For how long will society eradicate the true importance of this glorious and special day?  Family members who have gone into the realm of the "fleshless," to be in ancient spirituality with all our noble ancestors, await us. 
Over five hundred years have passed since the time that those who refused to see the truth, rejected the notion of our communing with the spirit world.  History accurately and truthfully revealed that friars and Jesuit priests, upon their arrival in our world, immediately studied our ancestors' religious customs, rituals, and beliefs. As these priests experienced astounding revelations, they gradually discovered the power of our ancient spirituality which has forever been the base and foundation of our culture!
During this time of religious festivities, one can only imagine the feelings of the religious invaders as they experienced the rejoicing, dancing, and beauty of our rituals flowing through the heart of the land.  Such power and beauty disturbed the faith of the friars and Jesuits. 
Listen closely, for my destiny is to speak the true history.  There is a day pertaining to our religious culture, which connects nature, the earth, and heaven.  It is a day when we realize the true essence of cosmic visions, which prove that we are truly a part of mother earth, heaven, and the spiritual realm. On that day, the veil that separates the living from the dead is removed, and we are reunited with the loving spirits of our ancestors, forefathers, and deceased family members.  It is a day of rejoicing, communing, sharing, praying, fasting, and meditating with our family members who now reside in Ilhuicatlitic, the heavens, because we share our ancestral spirituality on earth.  It is a day that truly brings us together with our past It is so religious and spiritually powerful, that even five hundred years ago priests like Sahagun, Torquemada, Molina, Duran, and others realized the power of Teotleco -- the arrival of the gods.  They witnessed the spiritual ancestral power granted from the past to the present and future on El Día De Los Muertos.
History reveals that invaders and society began to taint the meaning of this day with ominous misconceptions, stripping us of our cultural foundation -- the spiritual communing between heaven and earth.  The destruction of our cultural beliefs on this day deteriorated to the point that eventually society displaced the importance and value of Teotleco and El Dia De Los Muertos, and made it a day embedded with monsters, goblins and appearances of evil omens.  It replaced the day of remembrance of our ancestors, and family members who have transcended into heaven.     
Was it by choice, or ignorance?  Do we continue to permit the devious subtle destructive present day society to destroy the truthful and spiritual meaning of this day?  The destruction of our cultural knowledge and remembrance of that special time was replaced with a prank filled celebration -- a day now commercially referred to as Halloween.  It is now a night spent in the wearing of masks immortalizing pagans, evil omens, celebrities and presidents. They can have their Halloween, and its concepts. 
The time has come for us as spiritual people to remove masks of misconceptions and ruses, and behold the glorious days of Teotleco on El Dia de los Muertos, in which we honor our loving family members in heaven. We pray, sing, and acknowledge God’s spiritual gifts that do not change, for the love of our families will always reside in our hearts.

Ramsey and Family

Grandmother Rosa and I Prayed for the Healing of Others

Grandmother Rosa was and continues to be God's spiritual healer. I say spiritual because I was so young, yet old enough to understand, stare into her face, and feel her heart when she was asked to heal the sick in the neighborhood. She would prepare her remedies and I was always the one that she would take. I carried her medical bag and she would make sure that I witnessed every step that she took in preparing and giving the healing remedies. Afterwards I would kneel next to her and she would begin praying for a great amount of time. She would tell the patient that my innocence as a child had been God-sent for his/her recovery. Grandmother Rosa would ask me to hold my two hands on the forehead of the person who was ill, and ask God to heal him/her, and I prayed. Now Grandmother Rosa is healing me and praying with me. In my spiritual dreams she prays right beside me. I am not the same man that they unlawfully imprisoned 21 years ago. My experiences with my grandmother, Rosa, have brought my childhood memories back, helping me remember that that I was spiritually blessed from the time of my youth.