Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Struggle to Recapture the Loss of our Dignity as Human Beings

Your father stated, "Ramsey, as always, history has it recorded that you have advocated and have taught the masses of humanity with your penetrating and unquiet mind the true meaning of a profound consciousness commitment to fight social, political, and spiritual injustice in our struggle to recapture the loss of our dignity as human beings."  Every word that he stated had a historical impact that came from my life, continues in my life, and shall be the future of many lives because of my suffering, pain, sorrow, loneliness, after twenty years of unlawful and unjust imprisonment.
Yes, in so many ways we have lost our dignity and the time has come to recapture it. Without dignity we are not in existence on this earth. I love the word recapture used by your father who is so cool, so intellectual, and full of spirituality.

I know that with God on his side he is going to make that impact on earth that he was seeking to make, and I shall be one of his disciples.

Merry Christmas to the Ramos/Alvarez family and tell them that I love them with all my life.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Message From Ramsey

Merry Christmas and a most profound, spiritual, and free New Year! At Christmas I recall scriptures during the time that Jesus Christ was baptized by John.  He came straight way out of the water, and it is written that a voice from heaven said, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." 

Even after 20 years of such cruel and harsh oppressive imprisonment, at times confined in the dungeons of Leavenworth, I never lost the faith or reason for my existence through Jesus Christ. Since the time of my childhood, through my teenage years, and later in life, it has amazed me that God would forsake His own Son for the sake of bringing spirituality, peace, faith and love to the world and all humanity.

As I grew older in life, I experienced discrimination and racial opposition and witnessed many who could not defend themselves because they had no voice in their lives and communities. As I witnessed this, I recalled the life of our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, who through His experiences, actions, and crucifixion defended freedom, justice, and love. I continued to reflect on God’s words, "This is my beloved Son."

Even though it has been hundreds of years, the same injustices, discrimination, and cruel and unusual punishment exist in this 21st century. I knew that if I believed in the life, words, and experiences of Jesus Christ, that God would always be with me and my family.  To this very day and moment I have sought in my life and in the lives of others, the same freedom, justice, and love that Jesus Christ sought for the masses of humanity.

As we celebrate the birth of our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, I see the horizons of freedom, justice, and love like never ever before. Twenty years is a long time for pain, suffering, darkness, and sorrow when it involves chains and shackles for days, weeks and months. The history of mankind, however, teaches us freedom, justice, and love never come without suffering and pain. That is the way it is.

With love, pride, and dignity, I take this time to wish all of you a most profound and beautiful Christmas – a day that was meant to be celebrated. Believe me, I am celebrating because in my heart and soul I am a free man!

Merry Christmas and thank all of you who have come into this mode of darkness to bring the enlightenment of life and joy. I know in my heart that God will open the hearts and souls of many more to come forth and seek my freedom!


It Was Political Consciousness

Our father, who presently resides in heaven, said to me that from the very beginning of what we were attempting to do was not to have Hispanics, Latinos, Mexican-Americans, and Chicanos hate the existing political parties in the United States of America. Some used the platform to advocate racism and even hate during a time in which we tried to bring about a political impact in this country.

He stated that what I was subconsciously doing, without knowing that I was guided by God, was bringing forth the power of "divine spiritual and cultural consciousness." Without my knowing it, the political consciousness was felt by Hispanics and Latinos who eventually had children that attended colleges and universities. They became the voters that made it possible for Obama to become president. It was so much about political consciousness that even they did not know why they had become so involved in the world of politics, wondering how now we would become a powerful political force.

It was because of a young man who had a destiny and dream, stating that one day we were going to determine who the next president of the United States of America was going to be. This happened forty years later after my prediction. It was my destiny in life, and as our father has stated, “Your life has just begun.“



Saturday, December 22, 2012

Destined to Share Messages With the World

It would be difficult for the average person to understand the title of my writings because to be confined represents pain, agony, loneliness, darkness, suffering, and constant chains and shackles on the body.  Yet I continue to say with all my heart and soul that we have been blessed because the power of spirituality and love in our hearts and souls is above anything else on this earth. It has been given through the spirits who are in heaven with God.

It has been 20 long years of oppression, sadness, at times solitary confinement, but the love in the heart overcomes all inhumane conditions and treatment.

There is nothing more powerful and profound than the love and the compassion that one possesses in the heart and soul. This love can ever be diminished or destroyed. We were destined to love in this manner from the beginning of our existence. If some ever doubt these words of spiritual wisdom and intelligence about our existence and love, I invite their minds and souls to visit with me. It would take one visit to connect with my heart and soul, and see it in my eyes and my face.  

We have been blessed and we are taking our blessing to the mountaintop. We will get on our knees and thank God for choosing us to be the true believers in this world to overcome the pain and suffering for the last 20 years. We carry the cross that our brother, Jesus Christ, carried for freedom, justice, and love. We will never be defeated.

We can be shackled and chained and at times, but we will never ever be defeated. We have the faith, love, courage, and spirituality to overcome oppression and darkness. It is our destiny to be free and for the world to join us in this realm of freedom.

This will be a memorable Christmas like never ever before, because God and His Son, Jesus Christ, are proud of us for standing strong, seeking the power of God's spirituality and blessing in the darkness moments and times of our lives. We shall celebrate the birth of God’s Son, because it was meant to be, It is our destiny to share the power in believing in one’s self and his/her family. During this Christmas we will celebrate the spiritual power of the family like never before.



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It is All About the Unity of the Family

If we have no faith, we are actually living in a vacuum space on earth as if we did not exist, because we have no faith in ourselves or anyone close to our hearts. We must have faith in ourselves like never before. The dreams that we are seeking will only come true if we have the faith in our hearts and intelligence to make it possible.


Our movement is and shall forever be about the unity of the family, the return of the love and pride of the family, the embracing of the spirituality of the family, and sharing with the world that the time has come for us to return to the greatest gift that God gave to us from the time of our creation --the family.


Our father states that just as we wish for the entire world to know about our suffering, our pain, our loneliness, the chains and shackles that bruised my naked body, we must also advocate and share with the world our reasons for our survival, strength, courage, love, and the most powerful spirituality, It is all because of the family. The family never ever left me alone in that cold darkness and that mom would actually get on her knees and  at times would cry without the members of the family not even knowing that she was seeking my freedom and the love of her daughter because of the suffering and the pain of her daughter was the suffering and the pain of her heart and soul. Mom kept the family as one of the strongest families ever in this history.


The world keeps asking, "Ramsey, how have you managed to survive such suffering and oppression and darkness for the last 20 years of your life? I immediately answer that it was the love, the care, and the spirituality of the family like no other on this earth.


We must return of the spirituality and love of the family just as it was many years ago. It is our destiny to bring that spiritual enlightenment of family strength and pride back into the lives of the masses of our people and the masses of humanity. This message from the spiritual world was meant to be, because soon we will be celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and His birth was the freedom of the families and the freedom of humanity throughout the world. He gave His life for that freedom. Those who were with Him denied Him, but at the end He forgave them for their lack of faith.  


Amor, TEZ

“We will be free because we were born free, and Jesus Christ gave His life for that freedom, justice, and love.”

Monday, December 10, 2012

As my Birthday Approaches I Can Feel the Presence of my Mother

I can feel the presence of our mother, Hilda, like you have no idea and the closer that my birthday gets, the more that I feel her and can actually hear her comments to me from the beginning to the very last time that I saw her alive. She witnessed  my playing a football game at Baylor Stadium, and I can still see her sitting in the front seat of the car waiting for me to come out from the dressing room. She immediately opened the door and came to hug me, telling me that she was so proud of me and loved me like she has never loved before in her life. I was in tears because my mother was so proud of me and she knew that I loved her.
Now that know she will be with me tonight and every night heavy until my birthday. This is amazing and I thank God for making all of this possible. Only God!!!!

I love you and please give me love to Mom and tell her that I miss her very much. I pray that all of you receive my cards.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

It Was Not by Accident That We Arrived at the Mountaintop

It was not by accident that we politically arrived at the mountaintop of our lives as a race and as a people. This change did not happen without great sacrifice; many gave their lives so that one day the masses could reach the mountaintop and stretch out their arms toward the heights of heaven.

Although it will take a little time for the masses to completely accept and understand that, politically, we need no longer be subservient but rather assertive in submitting the visions that we have sought for the last 200 years.

In my heart I knew that one day we would reach the heights of political power and impact. Always remember the statement that comes from the heights of heaven, "This is only the beginning."  



Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We Are Not Alone and Never Will Be

We are not alone and never will be. Even Jesus Christ, who advocated the most powerful words of God throughout the countryside, the towns, and eventually the cities, only had a hand full of true believers with Him. Even out of that hand full of true believers He once made the statement that the day would be soon when He would be chained, shackled, and tortured. and those with Him would one day even deny His existence and not believe in what He advocated, which in reality was freedom, justice, and love -- direct gifts from God from the very time of our birth. This means that in order to have freedom, justice, and love for one’s life and soul and for all humanity, one must make the sacrifice, the suffering, the pain, the darkness, the chains, the shackles, so that God can come forth and bring the human enlightenment that was a part of our lives from the beginning of creation.


Yes, we are nearing the most historical day in the world and that is Christmas. To me it is historically the beginning of the creation of FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and LOVE. The birth of my loving brother Jesus Christ will mean more to the world than ever before. There must be peace within mankind before we destroy each other.  We must embrace and love each other as families like never before.


I don't worry about having people come forward to seek my freedom. I have God, Jesus Christ, La Virgin de Guadalupe, and all our spirits who are with me every day and every night in this mode of oppressive incarceration. The words of holy inspiration from your father and our mother, Hilda, state that the masses will soon rise and they will all wish to join our struggle for our freedom.


They say that from the twelve disciples that Jesus Christ had with Him until the day that He was crucified they began to join their movement for freedom, justice, and love.


We must always be thankful and express our gratitude to those who continue to be with us and let them know that we pray for them every night and every day and that Jesus will be with them all the time.


I love you very much and I am only getting so strong spiritually, culturally, and in love with you like you have no idea.