Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Struggle to Recapture the Loss of our Dignity as Human Beings

Your father stated, "Ramsey, as always, history has it recorded that you have advocated and have taught the masses of humanity with your penetrating and unquiet mind the true meaning of a profound consciousness commitment to fight social, political, and spiritual injustice in our struggle to recapture the loss of our dignity as human beings."  Every word that he stated had a historical impact that came from my life, continues in my life, and shall be the future of many lives because of my suffering, pain, sorrow, loneliness, after twenty years of unlawful and unjust imprisonment.
Yes, in so many ways we have lost our dignity and the time has come to recapture it. Without dignity we are not in existence on this earth. I love the word recapture used by your father who is so cool, so intellectual, and full of spirituality.

I know that with God on his side he is going to make that impact on earth that he was seeking to make, and I shall be one of his disciples.

Merry Christmas to the Ramos/Alvarez family and tell them that I love them with all my life.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Message From Ramsey

Merry Christmas and a most profound, spiritual, and free New Year! At Christmas I recall scriptures during the time that Jesus Christ was baptized by John.  He came straight way out of the water, and it is written that a voice from heaven said, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." 

Even after 20 years of such cruel and harsh oppressive imprisonment, at times confined in the dungeons of Leavenworth, I never lost the faith or reason for my existence through Jesus Christ. Since the time of my childhood, through my teenage years, and later in life, it has amazed me that God would forsake His own Son for the sake of bringing spirituality, peace, faith and love to the world and all humanity.

As I grew older in life, I experienced discrimination and racial opposition and witnessed many who could not defend themselves because they had no voice in their lives and communities. As I witnessed this, I recalled the life of our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, who through His experiences, actions, and crucifixion defended freedom, justice, and love. I continued to reflect on God’s words, "This is my beloved Son."

Even though it has been hundreds of years, the same injustices, discrimination, and cruel and unusual punishment exist in this 21st century. I knew that if I believed in the life, words, and experiences of Jesus Christ, that God would always be with me and my family.  To this very day and moment I have sought in my life and in the lives of others, the same freedom, justice, and love that Jesus Christ sought for the masses of humanity.

As we celebrate the birth of our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, I see the horizons of freedom, justice, and love like never ever before. Twenty years is a long time for pain, suffering, darkness, and sorrow when it involves chains and shackles for days, weeks and months. The history of mankind, however, teaches us freedom, justice, and love never come without suffering and pain. That is the way it is.

With love, pride, and dignity, I take this time to wish all of you a most profound and beautiful Christmas – a day that was meant to be celebrated. Believe me, I am celebrating because in my heart and soul I am a free man!

Merry Christmas and thank all of you who have come into this mode of darkness to bring the enlightenment of life and joy. I know in my heart that God will open the hearts and souls of many more to come forth and seek my freedom!


It Was Political Consciousness

Our father, who presently resides in heaven, said to me that from the very beginning of what we were attempting to do was not to have Hispanics, Latinos, Mexican-Americans, and Chicanos hate the existing political parties in the United States of America. Some used the platform to advocate racism and even hate during a time in which we tried to bring about a political impact in this country.

He stated that what I was subconsciously doing, without knowing that I was guided by God, was bringing forth the power of "divine spiritual and cultural consciousness." Without my knowing it, the political consciousness was felt by Hispanics and Latinos who eventually had children that attended colleges and universities. They became the voters that made it possible for Obama to become president. It was so much about political consciousness that even they did not know why they had become so involved in the world of politics, wondering how now we would become a powerful political force.

It was because of a young man who had a destiny and dream, stating that one day we were going to determine who the next president of the United States of America was going to be. This happened forty years later after my prediction. It was my destiny in life, and as our father has stated, “Your life has just begun.“



Saturday, December 22, 2012

Destined to Share Messages With the World

It would be difficult for the average person to understand the title of my writings because to be confined represents pain, agony, loneliness, darkness, suffering, and constant chains and shackles on the body.  Yet I continue to say with all my heart and soul that we have been blessed because the power of spirituality and love in our hearts and souls is above anything else on this earth. It has been given through the spirits who are in heaven with God.

It has been 20 long years of oppression, sadness, at times solitary confinement, but the love in the heart overcomes all inhumane conditions and treatment.

There is nothing more powerful and profound than the love and the compassion that one possesses in the heart and soul. This love can ever be diminished or destroyed. We were destined to love in this manner from the beginning of our existence. If some ever doubt these words of spiritual wisdom and intelligence about our existence and love, I invite their minds and souls to visit with me. It would take one visit to connect with my heart and soul, and see it in my eyes and my face.  

We have been blessed and we are taking our blessing to the mountaintop. We will get on our knees and thank God for choosing us to be the true believers in this world to overcome the pain and suffering for the last 20 years. We carry the cross that our brother, Jesus Christ, carried for freedom, justice, and love. We will never be defeated.

We can be shackled and chained and at times, but we will never ever be defeated. We have the faith, love, courage, and spirituality to overcome oppression and darkness. It is our destiny to be free and for the world to join us in this realm of freedom.

This will be a memorable Christmas like never ever before, because God and His Son, Jesus Christ, are proud of us for standing strong, seeking the power of God's spirituality and blessing in the darkness moments and times of our lives. We shall celebrate the birth of God’s Son, because it was meant to be, It is our destiny to share the power in believing in one’s self and his/her family. During this Christmas we will celebrate the spiritual power of the family like never before.



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It is All About the Unity of the Family

If we have no faith, we are actually living in a vacuum space on earth as if we did not exist, because we have no faith in ourselves or anyone close to our hearts. We must have faith in ourselves like never before. The dreams that we are seeking will only come true if we have the faith in our hearts and intelligence to make it possible.


Our movement is and shall forever be about the unity of the family, the return of the love and pride of the family, the embracing of the spirituality of the family, and sharing with the world that the time has come for us to return to the greatest gift that God gave to us from the time of our creation --the family.


Our father states that just as we wish for the entire world to know about our suffering, our pain, our loneliness, the chains and shackles that bruised my naked body, we must also advocate and share with the world our reasons for our survival, strength, courage, love, and the most powerful spirituality, It is all because of the family. The family never ever left me alone in that cold darkness and that mom would actually get on her knees and  at times would cry without the members of the family not even knowing that she was seeking my freedom and the love of her daughter because of the suffering and the pain of her daughter was the suffering and the pain of her heart and soul. Mom kept the family as one of the strongest families ever in this history.


The world keeps asking, "Ramsey, how have you managed to survive such suffering and oppression and darkness for the last 20 years of your life? I immediately answer that it was the love, the care, and the spirituality of the family like no other on this earth.


We must return of the spirituality and love of the family just as it was many years ago. It is our destiny to bring that spiritual enlightenment of family strength and pride back into the lives of the masses of our people and the masses of humanity. This message from the spiritual world was meant to be, because soon we will be celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and His birth was the freedom of the families and the freedom of humanity throughout the world. He gave His life for that freedom. Those who were with Him denied Him, but at the end He forgave them for their lack of faith.  


Amor, TEZ

“We will be free because we were born free, and Jesus Christ gave His life for that freedom, justice, and love.”

Monday, December 10, 2012

As my Birthday Approaches I Can Feel the Presence of my Mother

I can feel the presence of our mother, Hilda, like you have no idea and the closer that my birthday gets, the more that I feel her and can actually hear her comments to me from the beginning to the very last time that I saw her alive. She witnessed  my playing a football game at Baylor Stadium, and I can still see her sitting in the front seat of the car waiting for me to come out from the dressing room. She immediately opened the door and came to hug me, telling me that she was so proud of me and loved me like she has never loved before in her life. I was in tears because my mother was so proud of me and she knew that I loved her.
Now that know she will be with me tonight and every night heavy until my birthday. This is amazing and I thank God for making all of this possible. Only God!!!!

I love you and please give me love to Mom and tell her that I miss her very much. I pray that all of you receive my cards.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

It Was Not by Accident That We Arrived at the Mountaintop

It was not by accident that we politically arrived at the mountaintop of our lives as a race and as a people. This change did not happen without great sacrifice; many gave their lives so that one day the masses could reach the mountaintop and stretch out their arms toward the heights of heaven.

Although it will take a little time for the masses to completely accept and understand that, politically, we need no longer be subservient but rather assertive in submitting the visions that we have sought for the last 200 years.

In my heart I knew that one day we would reach the heights of political power and impact. Always remember the statement that comes from the heights of heaven, "This is only the beginning."  



Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We Are Not Alone and Never Will Be

We are not alone and never will be. Even Jesus Christ, who advocated the most powerful words of God throughout the countryside, the towns, and eventually the cities, only had a hand full of true believers with Him. Even out of that hand full of true believers He once made the statement that the day would be soon when He would be chained, shackled, and tortured. and those with Him would one day even deny His existence and not believe in what He advocated, which in reality was freedom, justice, and love -- direct gifts from God from the very time of our birth. This means that in order to have freedom, justice, and love for one’s life and soul and for all humanity, one must make the sacrifice, the suffering, the pain, the darkness, the chains, the shackles, so that God can come forth and bring the human enlightenment that was a part of our lives from the beginning of creation.


Yes, we are nearing the most historical day in the world and that is Christmas. To me it is historically the beginning of the creation of FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and LOVE. The birth of my loving brother Jesus Christ will mean more to the world than ever before. There must be peace within mankind before we destroy each other.  We must embrace and love each other as families like never before.


I don't worry about having people come forward to seek my freedom. I have God, Jesus Christ, La Virgin de Guadalupe, and all our spirits who are with me every day and every night in this mode of oppressive incarceration. The words of holy inspiration from your father and our mother, Hilda, state that the masses will soon rise and they will all wish to join our struggle for our freedom.


They say that from the twelve disciples that Jesus Christ had with Him until the day that He was crucified they began to join their movement for freedom, justice, and love.


We must always be thankful and express our gratitude to those who continue to be with us and let them know that we pray for them every night and every day and that Jesus will be with them all the time.


I love you very much and I am only getting so strong spiritually, culturally, and in love with you like you have no idea.




Tuesday, November 6, 2012

With God It Does Not Matter

With God it does not matter who the president is. What matters is freedom, justice, and love, and at the end those gifts from God will be fulfilled in one manner or another. We should depend on the spirituality, the love, and the strength that God shall bestow upon on hearts, soul and intelligence, so that we can fulfill was was ours from the time of our creation.
It will be God's will for us to be free and we must seek that freedom because it was taken away from us. To seek that freedom once again is what God wishes for us to do with all the strength, power and will in our intelligence, heart, and love.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Main Objective in Our Present Lives is Mom

Your father states over and over again not to ever lose sight in our hearts and souls that the main objective in our present lives is mom. Many other families and its members will comment that they have to make their own lives and move on. This is the greatest error that they ever make in the future of their lives because they are actually denying in so many ways the sacrifice of the mother that created them and made sure that they had everything in their lives and more. Some even refuse to admit the existence of their parents and family. How sad it is.
Now I know why the spirits who are in heaven are always elated with me because I express the love that I have for our mother, Irma, for you, and for the families. Many times I have even offered to share with God that I would be willing to give my life for the existence of mom without pain and suffering. Our mother, Hilda, always comes and embraces me and she shares with me that she is so proud of my heart and soul because of the love that I have for the family.


We Must Return to and Love That Which Created Us – Our Mothers

My mind and my heart is going one hundred miles per hour. For moments my mind and its thoughts and ideas are all here in earth, and then immediately it begins to travel with our spirits who are in heaven. I go over every word that they utter to me during our conversations. The love of a mother is the most powerful love of all, for she was the creation to be the creation of humanity. Even in our ancient history and cultura, I would be amazed with the writings of our ancient gods who were so proud of mothers. The  respect and love for mothers was beyond words, and to be disrespectful to one's mother would be the greatest sin that one would commit on this earth. It was like that for the longest time and that is the reason that we continue to exist as one of the greatest races ever on this earth. Eventually after destruction we hated each other. Now all of this has changed, and it is continuing to change every day of our lives.


La Virgin de Guadalupe will be coming back so strong that many are going to begin to state that they have seen and have witnessed the appearance of La Virgin and that appearance is all because her message is that we must return to and love that which created us from the beginning - our mothers.


Give my love to Mom and tell her that I thank her for the life that she had given and sacrificed.




Sunday, October 28, 2012

God Blessed Me Because of My Suffering

Your father states that because of continuous suffering and pain like no other human at this time, God has bestowed a blessing upon my heart and soul like I have no idea and for those reasons I keep sharing with you that I feel like a brand new kid that just came into this world and life. He states that God, Jesus Christ, La Virgin de Guadalupe and all our spirits are coming forth like never ever before not only so that I can be free, but most importantly so that the entire family can be free. He states that it is time for me to get close to Mom and to embrace her and to be next to her at all times (I told you in previous messages that there was certain feelings in my heart and soul about Mom and that our Mother Hilda kept confirming those feelings).  Those that embrace you and seek your love will know immediately the feelings of God and the power of spirituality for soon the entire world is going to know about being shackled and chained and at times naked in cold dark dungeons that were finally shut down forever because of inhumane cruel and unusual punishment and that I survived that for three years. I came out seeking God, Jesus Christ, La Virgin de Guadalupe, and our spirits who could not come to me at that time because God wanted for me to be what He was seeking in this world. Your father states that I have so much love in my heart that those who come close to me will immediately know that I have been blessed like never ever before. I love you very much and I know that we will be successful in everything that we do in order to bring about not only my freedom but the freedom of mom and the freedom of the family like never ever before. I knew from the first time that I gazed into your heart that it was meant to be and that you were God sent to my heart and soul. I will be back for I am finally going out and will be praying and meditating.


Friday, July 13, 2012

The Goal of Christ's Faith is the Future of Our Human Race

Jesus encourages us to believe in time. Jesus encourages us to believe in the realm and power of the family. The goal of Christ's faith is the future of our human race. The heaven of Jesus is found in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, and hell is found in earthly oppression, discrimination, and injustice, not in some bottomless pit consumed by flames. Jesus extended the values of life on earth to the realm of the eternal. "For I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; A stranger and you welcomed me; Naked and you clothed me; Ill, and you cared for me; In prison and you visited me. "When did we give you all this?" His listeners asked. And Jesus replies, "Amen, I say to you. Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did it for me."

There Was a Divine Order

The fact is, there was a divine order, and man and the world were created. We can argue as to whether God created us, but we cannot argue that we are here, that we live, that we exist, and that we die. The issue really should be whether our existence bears a relationship with God or not. Are we or are we not His creatures? If we are, what is our position in His creative plan?


The Most Powerful Symbol of Human Salvation

Yes, Jesus Christ was confined, tortured and nailed to the cross. Nothing can divest Jesus of His condition as a human man, stripped naked of all power, unadorned by luxury, a man whose humility, imprisonment, poverty, and crucifixion transformed Him into the most powerful symbol of human salvation.


Wherever You Are, Set up an Altar by Means of Prayer

If you have Nahuatl love, you will do all things well. Everywhere, wherever you are, you can set up an altar to our Creator in your corazon by means of prayer. You will receive what cannot be lost in our spiritual struggle for freedom, justice, and love.


The Search for Freedom Makes Us Free

"Between life and death, between the beauty and the horror of the world, the search for freedom is what makes us, no matter what the circumstance, free."

"There is  no such thing as simple freedom"

Ramsey Muniz

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spirits Begged God to Let Them Enter into the Mode of Darkness

Our father constantly makes the statements that the only reason that I survived those three years in that dark cold oppressive dungeon at times chained, shackled, and naked, was because I believe in God, In my brother Jesus Christ, and in La Virgin de Guadalupe. I used to pray to all our spirits who were at the time begging God to let them come into the mode of darkness that I was experiencing but that God stated that I must overcome and become the man that He had chosen.

Amor, TEZ

Dearest Husband:

There is a startling revelation from your holy communications with the spirit world. They feel sorrow in their world. I say this because I went to Catholic school. I had been taught that once a spirit passes into the heavens the spirit is unaware of the suffering on earth. Now I know of a different perspective which I believe and will share with others.

All my love,


Jesus Christ is With Me

Jesus Christ is With Me

How can i not ever forget the words of my loving brother Jesus Christ when they had him in the dungeons of the old times beating Him, starving Him, and constantly telling Him that He was going to die and for what? Where was everyone who was supposed to be by HIs side?  God Almighty came into that darkness and embraced Him and shared with Him that because of His suffering and because of His having to carry and endure the cross of freedom, justice, and love for all humanity throughout history and for the masses of humanity,  that He had to be strong. He had to believe in God almighty and believe in Himself so that humanity could believe in themselves forever in the world to come.

Jesus Christ is with me. His desire is that I constantly ask the world know not to let me die in the oppressive prisons of America, and to let me carry this cross which I bear in my heart and soul so that I can share with humanity that love that conquers all hearts and souls.

Amor, TEZ

Spiritual Since My Youth

It is historical and many who have known me are aware that since my childhood I have been very spiritual. In fact, it is known that since my days in junior high school and all throughout high school I would make a part of my life to attend early morning mass at 6:30 a.m. at Holy Family Church on Elgin street which was walking distance from my house on Ada Street in the in an area that was then referred to as San Diego.  Coach R.S. Garza and Faustino Rivera (late father of Joe Rivera and Delia Rivera) were the users in the morning mass and eventually I became of the youngest ushers ever in the Catholic Church. I never missed a day of mass all through junior high and high school. When I was senior I was asked by the leading father at Christ the King Church if I would coach the boys basketball team, and I did and we won the conference at that time. I was just a senior at Miller High School.

 I am sharing all of these facts because many might think that  because of my suffering for 20 years in the prisons of America I have found this power of spirituality. In reality this power has always been in my heart and soul as if God was preparing me to be the spiritual warrior/leader that He was seeking for a long time on this earth. Delia, Joe, Father Higgins, Father Fernandez and many others were and are witnesses to my spiritual life at a very early age. That spirituality has now become the essence of seeking freedom, justice, equality and love not only for myself and my family, but most importantly for all humanity.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Oldest Brother, Rudy, Jr.

Last night my brother Rudy, Jr. and I embraced and cried together, especially when I was reminding him of how he dropped out of school to work, so that I could have

the best clothes to wear and to be able to play football instead of working after school in the way that our father had demanded. I became the football star because of my brother Rudy, Jr. He sacrificed his life for me and now I am going to sacrifice my life for him and for Mom.

For such a long time Rudy, Jr. has been waiting to come forward and only God knows why the time has come now. He shares that he could feel my pain and suffering like never ever before in his life and in my life and at times when I was in solitary confinement he could hear me cry out for our mother Hilda and him like never ever before and he knew that the day would be soon when he would be able to come and embrace me and love me like we use to when we were together as brothers and family. Irma, I could feel his embrace and I could feel as if he was crying for some time and at the same time

I could feel his strength and courage as my brother. He would give everything that he had, so that I could succeed in life for he would even fight for me if someone would say anything negative about me - in his heart he would always say that I was destined to be a great Mexicano in our history - our mother Hilda and our brother Rudy had me spoiled like you have no idea and when he died, I could not stop crying for days and nights. As you well know, our Mother Hilda never recovered from his death because of the love that he had in his heart and soul and now he has returned like you have no idea and he says that he is ready and that God is ready. He admires the fact and the right that I have in loving Mom just as I would love our mother Hilda and he will be there for Mom also because he says that she is full of love and many refuse to see that and one day they will be judged in God's court. I love you very much and as you can tell I am in the

life and hands of God almighty and everything is coming and getting so clear that it is unreal. I do not even know how and why I sleep because I am constantly in a spiritual transformation and they all say that our lives have just begun.


Your father cannot wait to come and visit those that doubt his words of wisdom. He says, “I dare them.”

Dearest Husband:
It is only right that you and your brother exchange the love that you have shared for many years. It still amazes me that in heaven they feel our sadness as well as the happiness that we feel here on earth. Now we know!

There must be different levels of abilities in heaven and your brother is now with you like never before. No wonder you feel the way that you do! We have a powerful brother and spiritual advocate with us. As I write these words I cannot help but cry, because I need to know that you are surrounded by love for all that you have experienced in your life.God is providing this.

How beautiful it is to hear that he too will be here for mom. Love is a powerful protector and it gives us all the reason to endure this challenging yet awesome life given to us by God.
I wish you a most beautiful day today. Know that I love you with all my heart, and I thank
God for allowing the presence of our loving mother, Hilda, and loving brother, Rudy, Jr.

With all my love,

Monday, May 14, 2012

I Was With All the Spirits Who Are in Heaven

It is now 3:00 p.m. and I have experienced the heaviest spiritual transformation ever in my life. To be honest with you, I did not think that I was coming back. It was that heavy but the messages were very heavy and you cannot imagine how I feel. I know in my heart it will be only a matter of time before you and I will be free, because as long as I am confined, subconsciously your mind and body will also be confined. I am still in amazement because I was able to communicate very heavy with your father and our mother Hilda like never ever before. The officer had to go and wake me up and he stated that it took about two minutes for me to come out my wandering into space as he called it.

Right now I am inside the unit getting ready to count and will be lockdown for about an hour but I continue to feel very strange and at the same time so strong and powerful that it is unreal. I feel as if God has chosen me and the family for what the world needs to see with their hearts and souls. I have never felt so in love with you and I would be willing to give my life for you to be happy and content. You are going to witness and be with a completely different man ever. I promise you that. Everyone here wishes to know the secret to my looking so young and I tell them that it is love, love, love, and more love like never ever before. Whenever you have time tomorrow please do not forget to wire the monies to me for I will be going to the store on Wednesday morning. I definitely wish to buy some photo tickets for the visit for our visit is going to be extremely historical like never ever before. Remember me. I will give the names of the attorneys later for there is no rush. I promise you that.

I was in heaven this afternoon and I was with all the spirits who are in Heaven. Is that heavy or what.



Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother, Hilda, Will Be With Me Tonight

There is no question in my heart and mind that our Mother Hilda will be with me tonight. During my prayers and meditation I kept going back to her time and time again, as if she was actually preparing for the most fruitful and spiritual night ever.

She always reminds me that I suffered a lot when she passed. I was there next to her when she died, and she made me promise that I would not cry, and that I would stand tall in front of her body so that everyone could witness the son that she had brought into this world stating that we as a family had just begun to make history in this world and on this earth like never ever before. I was pouring out my tears and she spoke so closely to my face that to this day I can still feel her presence. She was and is such a beautiful woman and mother like no other on this earth.

Irma, how do you think I felt then and how do you think I feel at this very minute and second knowing that the greatest most powerful and profound love of my life was getting ready to go into heaven and serve God? I cried and cried and cried. She would hold me close to her and she would tell me again and again, “Ramsey, my dearest son, please promise me you will not cry in front of anyone. Let them see and know the man that you are and are going to be in this world to be admired one day in its history.” When she finally passed, I held her in my arms for the longest time and did not want to let go asI cried and cried. I would yell out loud and scream as loud as i could because i knew that soon I was not going to cry anymore.

As I stood next to her coffin, many came by to pay their respects and would break down like you have no idea. All my brothers would be crying and screaming and I would just stand there next to her because I had made a promise to her. I was her strongest son ever, and the world would begin from that day forward to speak about how strong and brave that son of hers was and continues to be. Yes, as I share these words of spiritually like never before, tears are pouring down my face like you have no idea, and I can feel the essence of our Mother, Hilda all around me right now.

I already know in my heart and soul that she is going to share that she wants for me to give all of my love and life to Mom. My mother is there with her and will not ever part from her because Mom has loved me like a son and as a family member from the first time that you mentioned me to her.

This will be one of our best Mother's Day ever and this is only the beginning of our lives like never ever. I know you feel what I feel because of the love that we possess. Take care of Mom because our Mother, Hilda is taking care of you for she loves you dearly. Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, we are in the process of recreating history and your father states that he is the one that is creating - I love that! 



We cannot ever be defeated, because we believe and we love God, Jesus Christ, and La Virgin de Guadalupe who are with us all the time. I know that you can feel the life and the love in my heart.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love for Irma, my Mother-in-Law 2012

All indications are that I will eventually be celebrating Mother's day with our Mother, Hilda, and our grandmother, Rosa, and my most loving God-sent mother, Benita. You know that I will be getting ready for Saturday night since Mother's Day is on Sunday. This all came about because I do not stop speaking and advocating that Mom is the most wonderful and most powerful mother and woman that I have ever known in my entire life. There is so much to learn from her and sometimes we are missing it all because we go on an "American trip" that she is too old and does not know what she speaks about or desires at this time, when in reality she is at her prime because God has given her the gift of staying alive, enabling her to be with us so that she can give us more like never ever before. I would give my life right now to be able to  embrace her and tell her that I love her very much and that I am grateful for bringing the Ramos/Alvarez family into the world. It is because of her and your father that we are actually creating history like never ever before and your mother, Irma, is the prinicpal of that history. There are millions and millions of families but very few have been chosen by God to bring  pride, discipline, faith, hope, spirituality, and love, love, love, and more love like the world has never ever known.


No Bad Feelings Toward Others

I do not feel any hate or wishful thinking that life goes bad for those that have decided to let me die here in the prisons of America... In fact, there is no question in my mind and soul that the spirits who are in heaven, especially your father, Salvador, and my  Mother, Hilda, will not let me have hate or jealousy or lack of forgiveness in my heart and soul. They state that it is for these reasons that I have a lot of life in me, as if I was born all over again, and that now in this life, I must struggle and fight for our freedom because like never ever before we have come to engulf into our hearts that very truth that freedom is a gift from God and that God wishes for us to fight with all the energies and intelligence that we have in order to bring that gift back into our lives. Yes, always remember that freedom is a gift from God and that everything that we try to do and speak about and write about is all going too come true and it is going to happen because we are seeking that gift that God gave to us from the time of our birth.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

God Blessed Me Because of my Continuous Suffering

My intentions were to wait until we visited and in person but every minute and second all I think about is last night and the message your father shared with me at the conclusion of the night.  He states that because of continuous suffering and pain like no other human at this time God has bestowed a blessing upon my heart and soul like I have no idea and for those reasons I keep sharing with you that i feel like a brand new kid that just came into this world and life. He states that God, Jesus Christ, La Virgin de Guadalupe and all our spirits are coming forth like never ever before not only so that I can be free but most importantly so that the entire family can be free and that it is time for me to get close to Mom and to embrace her and to be next to her at all times (I told you in previous messages that there were certain feelings in my heart and soul about Mom and our Mother Hilda kept confirming those feelings).  He stated that those who embrace you and seek your love will know immediately the feelings of God and the power of spirituality for soon the entire world is going to know about how you were chained and shackled and at times naked in the cold dark dungeons that were finally shut down because of inhumane cruel and unusual punishment, and that I survived that for three years and came out seeking God, Jesus Christ, La Virgin de Guadalupe and our spirits who could not come to me at that time because God wanted for me to be what He was seeking in this world. Your father states that I have so much love in my heart that those who come close to me will immediately know that I have been blessed like never ever before. I love you very much and I know that we will be successful in everything that we do in order to bring about not only my freedom but the freedom of Mom and the freedom of the family like never ever before.



Dearest Husband:

Thank you for sharing such encouraging words that have been revealed by our father who resides in heaven.  His message of God’s blessing provides consolation for me, and I have no doubt that you feel the same. I need to learn to trust God with all my heart, for He is in control and He has been with us throughout the journey that we continue to take.

It’s not just God that remains with us. Those who are closest to Him as well as our holy loved ones are allowed to be with us as well. I consider this a blessing beyond words that only you will know. You were chosen to have Jesus Christ, La Virgen de Guadalupe help us find the way to becoming a whole family once again. Our father, Salvador, and our mothers, Hilda, Rosa, and Benita will be with us as they have always been. They will be with us forever and I am humble to have the love of heaven around us.

I needed this consoling message, because I have felt a sense of urgency to free you from your imprisonment, yet I feel helpless. I need God’s help and He will make it happen if we continue to move forward in faith and love.

I know that people who embrace you will immediately sense the feelings of God because I feel it every time that I am with you. It takes me a while to become familiar with you again, and once I do there is no question in my mind about the man that I have been blessed to have in my life.

If God wanted for you to be what He was seeking in this world, there is no question in my mind that you have proven to be this and so much more. It is for this reason that you have been blessed like no other.

I thank God for the miracle of having you in my life.

Your loving wife,

Friday, May 4, 2012

Importance of Cinco de Mayo

With the chains and shackles of solitary confinement, barely able to hold a pen, he would express his heart to humanity.  We ask why they have given Ramsey a death sentence when he has never taken another person’s life.

   “History, culture, and freedom are the most important spiritual gifts from God.”

                                                     Cinco De Mayo

For the last 20 years of my life I have been incarcerated in the federal prisons of America. Every year of my imprisonment, on Cinco de Mayo, I feel  in my “corazon” that it is my ultimate destiny to share with the world the historical importance of Cinco de Mayo as it relates to our lives in the past, the present, and the future of those who will one day read these words that come with pain, suffering, and imprisonment.

This historical day is one of many events in the history of our people as we came into existence not only in Mexico, but throughout the world. Historians have written many volumes and have shared accounts of how we became the people that we are this very day. That is why it is stated that people that have no knowledge of their history will forever be in a mode of oppression, discrimination, and will forever suffer injustice.

On the morning of May 5th, which is known throughout the world as Cinco De Mayo, the French army ran into resistance by unexpected valiant Mexican troops at Guadalupe Hill -- a name that I consider spiritual. It was just outside of Puebla, Mexico.  The majority of our Mexican troops, under the command of General Ignacio Zaragoza and Porfirio Diaz, were brave barefooted indigenous people from the Zacapoaxtla Sierra. They held the day, and forced the French to pull back to Cordoba and Orizaba. This famous battle of Puebla came to be our celebrated Cinco de Mayo.

The last French troops were driven out of Mexico City, Tenochtitlan, on April of 1867. On this very day of remembrance we share the same spiritual, cultural power that our heroes maintained. They rose with such pride and dignity into the region of Huitzilopochtli, god of war/sun, with their spiritual force of will and power that overcame the impossible and conquered all barriers.

As we celebrate this most spiritual, cultural, political day in history, we must continue with the same pride, dignity, courage, and respect that must be given not only to us here in America, but to our sisters and brothers in Mexico who set an example for others who seek justice and liberation.

Even tonight, as I share these words of spiritual wisdom that come from the depths of my heart, my body and soul are confined in this 6 x 9 cell. But I stand before you accepting the sorrow, sadness, grief, sacrifice, and death of our ancestors on Cinco de Mayo, a day of remembrance. For the last 20 years of this oppressive unjust confinement, I too stand in the center of all of God’s creation, just as our past ancestors and heroes did.

I remain balanced in mind, body, and soul in who I am and have always been. On this day of celebration, I gaze into the sixth sun of consciousness, as I have awakened from that strange nightmare of ill movements to the self-realization and acceptance of our spirituality that made Cinco de Mayo historical.  

We continue the process of recreating another page of history today, tomorrow, and in our future. It is written that one day soon I shall be free once again and together we shall all celebrate this day of remembrance.

Tu hermano,

Ramsey Muñiz

Monday, April 30, 2012

To hear your voice makes all the difference in the world to me. I can even tell how your heart and soul feel just by the tone of your most beautiful and most profound voice on the phone - I wish I could reach into that phone and touch your lips with my lips and my heart and soul with your heart and soul. I have missed you very much and we have a lot to catch
up with and please once again do not worry or put any pressure on yourself because freedom is not about pressure freedom is a gift from God and God does not believe in pressure He believes in the truth and in the faith of seeking that gift that He has bestowed upon our lives now and forever... Please know and you may feel free to share that every night I would get on my knees and thank God not only for giving me the strength, courage, faith, discipline, and dignity of doing this time in lock/down but as I was thanking Him for keeping me alive for those three (3) years that i was confined the dungeons of Leavenworth and at times with shackles and chains and naked for days, weeks, and months at a time.

He knew that I would survive because He knows that I will be the vital symbol of what freedom is all about and it is not about guilt or innocence it is now about freedom and what they have done to me as humanity on this earth. This is only the beginning and we have just begun to struggle for our freedom like never ever before in our lives.

I love you very much and I will be touch later for the lines are long and I must be fair.

Amor, TEZ  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Then slowly my Mexika (me-shee-ka) spirituality took hold of itself, raising itself out of that pain, misery, hunger, and humiliation. A tiny fire, a speck in the beginning was born in the center of my heart, thus drawing life, growing until it became a powerful flame that carried my Mexika spirituality up and out of my torment. I was alive and never again would this happen to me. When I opened my eyes, I realized I would be free within my soul because pain, suffering, agony, and the shackles on my naked body had liberated me forever."


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

God and the Spirits Know That I Am in Constant Prayer and Meditation

Even your father agrees that it will be God who will free us one day soon but that we must do what has to be done to carry out the word and the truth of God and the gifts that He gave to us from the time of our creation as humans on this earth - freedom, justice, equality, and love, love, love, and more love. All the spirits know that it is not what Ramsey thinks or wishes to do and that it will get done because God and the spirits know that I am in constant prayer and meditation asking for guidance and for the intelligence that they wish to bring forth into my mind and heart.
I am in total agreement with my brother in Eagle Pass that it is all in the hands and in the heart of God. I knew that especially when I was chained and shackled and naked for days, weeks, and months and had no communication at all with the outside world. I never gave up praying and meditating and asking God to please give me the strength and the courage to overcome those hard oppressive and cruel days and months of my life. It was then that in my mind and in my heart I could hear the words of my brother Jesus Christ for me to rise from my knees and to overcome all the oppression and brutal treatment and to let the oppressor know that instead of becoming weak and fragile it was time for me to demonstrate courage, faith, pride, and spirituality like never before in my life. I stood up and I looked up and I said as loud as I could , " Thank you God!” So now a day does not go by that I do not do what has to be done in order for us to take our freedom back and the more I pray, the stronger that I become. I thank my brother from Eagle Pass for his prayers.


My Most Powerful Transformation

April 18, 2012

The calling was so powerful and strong that it didn't even take me more than fifteen minutes to flow into my spiritual transformation and it was so strong that afterwards it took me time to realize that I was confined in this institution of the oppressor. The messages were very heavy and the spirits are all in agreement that I am becoming such a strong spiritual messenger that soon the doors to liberation will be open not only for me for those who are seeking love and peace in their hearts and souls. They are in agreement with me that the time has come after 20 years of such suffering and pain for the world to know and not be silent anymore - that the suffering and pain does not go away and that it is constantly there when they shut my doors and locking me in as if I was an animal and should not even be here to begin  with that the biggest injustice committed against any human in this present history of humanity. They share with me that anyone else like those that begin their sentences when I was in Leavenworth who recently passed away and those that had to be confined in the house of insanity because their minds could not take the incarceration anymore and here I am getting stronger and stronger and stronger in every phases of life including the openness of my heart and soul and to find forgiveness to this oppressor after what he has done to my life and to the lives of my family. The spirits who  are in Heaven give me such love and tenderness and when they embrace me I can feel as if i was born all over again and

I am full of love and wisdom and knowledge and intelligence like you have no idea.  Words cannot truly be found to describe how I feel inside my heart and soul it is that powerful spiritually. The time has come for the world to know about my 20 years of such drastic suffering, pain, sorrow, and the chains and shackles that sometimes I get up and jump from my bunk thinking that i have those chains and shackles attached to my body and i find myself in a cold sweat. It is then I begin to cry like a child and I thank God and my brother Jesus Christ for letting me live such cruel and brutal conditions that not even an animal could have survived. Sometimes at night I would leave the crumbs of food on the floor so that the rats that came into the cell would eat the crumbs and not bit on me but they would come out every night and I lived through that for three years of my life. Now you know how I feel in my heart and soul for your love and for your kindness

because if you would not have been there i would not have survived. You must know that because the spirits wish for you to know that and to take that to the Altar at church and at the Altar at the house and thank God for keeping me alive knowing that we are getting ready to make history once more in this world and that history will be about love, about Mom, about the family, and about you fighting for our freedom like no other woman on this earth - you were destined and chosen by God without even knowing so.

Amor, TEZ 

I have just begun to live like never ever before. I am in love with you like never ever before in my entire life. Give my love to Mom and Norma they will never recognize me again.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Grass Roots Destiny of Seeking God

"True God-sent spirituality, even from this oppressive mode of inhumane mode of darkness and injustices, is a grass roots destiny of seeking God, a journey of deep insight and inspiration of the soul involving authenticity and purpose that might or might not happen in a church, synagogue, or mosque. True spirituality that comes from such suffering, pain, agony, sorrow, chains, shackles, and imprisonment of one's soul is an expression of true faith and does not always fit into accepted patterns of theology or practice."

There is a calling in my heart and soul to go outside and pray like never ever before. I feel the coming of a heavy spiritual transformation like never ever before.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Freedom, Justice, and Love are Gifts From God

In my heart and soul I already know that it will be a very heavy spiritual night and that after we communicate I will sleep like a child as if it was meant for me . Your father was in total agreement that we should begin to always think positive not only about ourselves but about our struggle for our freedom - not only my freedom but he states that it is also your freedom and the freedom of the Ramos/Alvarez family because he knows that certain members of the family pray at night for me and that one day I will be free and with the family once more. He states that there is no reason thatwe should even have the elements of negativity around us or within us because the injustices and the oppression and the chains and shackles have all been experienced by me for no human reason at all they did it just to punish me and break my spirits but instead God sent  Jesus Christ, my brother into that dungeon and He gave me such strength and willingness and I was always thinking positive that the oppressor finally realized that instead of breaking me I was breaking them with my spiritual feelings and love in my heart and soul. Your father asked me to share with you and tell you that you have every reason on earth and in Heaven to walk with your head up high and don't ever let anyone look down because you have proven to God and all the spirits that what you are seeking - freedom, justice, and love, are all gifts from God and that God has chosen you to be with Him forever and ever.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Continued Confinement Here Violates my Constitutional Rights

To continue to have me confined in this institution is a complete violation of my constitutional rights under the 8th amendment (cruel and unusual punishment), the 5th amendment (Due process of law) and the 14th amendment (equal protection of the law).
This is an institution for all gang members and i should be in a low-level institution especially because of my age - nearly 70 years old and I have to protect myself at all times because sometimes the youth think that the old cannot protect themselves but everyone knows in this institution that I workout every day of the week for more than two hours and I walk the track and I do all of my exercises so that everyone can see me as if I was getting ready for football season. I am strong - I am very strong and God wishes for me to be like this for I constantly ask for Him to give me strength and discipline all day and all night. It is time for me to return to my family and it is time for me to be close to you like never ever before.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

In Remembrance of the Life and the Death and the Rebirth of Jesus Christ

In Remembrance of the Life and the Death and the Rebirth of Jesus Christ

A conversation with Ramsey Muniz
Raul Garcia

As I prepared to visit Ramsey Muniz, a political prisoner for the last 20 years, I thought about the many years we have known each other.  In fact, we go all the way back to high school days.  Though each visit through the years has been educational and inspirational, there seemed to be something different and special about this visit.  We had scheduled the visit for April 22, 2011 without my realizing it would fall on Good Friday.  Maybe that's the reason why as I dressed that morning there seemed to be something guiding me toward my black clothes -- a symbolic color of what happened on Good Friday in 33 A.D.

When I saw Ramsey that morning and we sat down, he said, " Do you realize today is Good Friday, the day that Jesus Christ was crucified?"  I knew then that this visit would be different, given the significance of the day. I realized that prison is like being in what the Hebrews called "Golgotha" and Latin Rome called "Calvary", a place to suffer and die.  All over the world, including America, the Christ is being crucified, particularly the innocent ones who are thrown along with the criminals and crucified along with the Christ.  Ramsey believes that the arrest of Jesus was a political event, given that the Roman Empire felt threatened by a young revolutionary who would say things like "You have heard it said of old, but I say unto you."

The Jesus movement had grown so big, that a new direction, a new vision, a new ethic came out from the lips of Jesus.  The authorities had to get rid of him, so they monitored him wherever he went.  The authorities had to get rid of him.  Muniz thinks and believes that his own arrest was also a political event in order to silence the leaders of the Chicano movement.  Reises Lopez Tijerina, a leader of the Land Grant Alliance in New Mexico, once said to me that Chicano leaders were constantly monitored during the height of the Chicano Movement.  He showed me evidence which he obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. 

Let us keep in mind that Jesus was betrayed by some of his closest followers, some for money, others because their egos mattered to them more than the one who had come to speak in the name of Justice.  Yes, justice is also a form of salvation, both individual and social.  Muniz thinks that he, like Christ, was betrayed as the years went by, as the silence of some who were close to him during the movement ran scared, like the followers of Jesus who scattered and hid in and around Jerusalem. 

It was Mary Magdalene to whom Jesus appeared first after the resurrection, she whom Jesus loved the most, and in whom He entrusted his deepest secrets which not even the  disciples were privy to.  yes, she rallied the doubters, the scared, the deniers.  It is no accident that Ramsey's wife , Irma, has suffered all these years along with her husband, for she knows him like no one else does, and has worked incessantly in his behalf. 

Ramsey said to me that he now understands the agony of the Christ on the Cross, an agony that is so profound that it pierces the heart of the soul.  From the dark dungeons of America, Ramsey has come to understand why Jesus himself felt totally abandoned on the cross.  But through loneliness and suffering, he says, Christ became a pure man, a man of spiritual strength, to which I added that perhaps that is the reason why we can also see Jesus' divinity in the strength of his humanity made pure through the holiness of suffering and sacrifice.  But just as Jesus forgave those who abandoned him or did him wrong, Ramsey likewise forgives those who accused him of a crime he did not commit. 

In the end, Jesus was given a death sentence just as Socrates was sentenced to die.  Because he raised the standard of love and holiness in a world gone astray, Jesus was crucified, while Socrates faced death because of his devotion to truth in a world built on falsehood.  The death penalty comes in difference forms.  That's why Muniz refers to his life imprisonment, which is a life sentence with no possibility of parole, as a death sentence.

After our theological conversation Ramsey touched on other matters.  He said he'd been thinking of Cesar Chavez, the great civil rights leader whom Archbishop Mahoney of Los Angeles called the prophet of the poor.  Ramsey said that Chavez once told him that La Raza was no longer afraid, that the people would no longer hold back and would speak without fear. He said that Chavez was convinced that the future would be ours.  This is why Ramsey Muniz says that we need to reach the young, for they appear to be clueless about our history and do not seem to know what is going on in the world.  There is no excuse for this, he says, given the power of the Internet as a vehicle for communication within the masses.  I mentioned to him that this is how the Zapatistas in Chiapas had gained world-wide support by mastering the new technological forms of communication.  Mastery of this modern form of communication, he says, is going to be a major key in the role we play in the 21st century.  He says that history is on our side, that the rising speed of the growing Raza population is overwhelming the centers of power which do not know how to handle us other than by passing futile immigration laws.  Laws cannot stop the inevitable. 

When Ramsey says that history is on our side I cannot help but think of the great prince Cuauhtemoc who rallied the Aztecs when the Sun seemed to be in an eclipse as they fought the European invaders. Though defeated temporarily, Cuauhtemoc prophesied that the people of the Sixth Sun would rise again.

Finally, before we ended the visit, my friend of 50 years asked that we pray, which we did.  We had visited on Good Friday, the day of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  But we both knew that history does not end with crucifixion and death. It does not end with a tear or with suffering, for there is always an Easter, always a day of freedom and joy.

Raul Garcia, a graduate of Baylor University, presently teaches at Lamar State University.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

White House Petition to Free Ramsey

Dear Friends:

KRIS TV aired a newscast on Ramsey Muñiz. See the link ( that describes his family’s efforts to free him after 20 years of wrongful incarceration. Ramsey is a natural born leader who advocated freedom, justice, equality, and love. He is 69 years of age, and he remains wrongfully incarcerated. We petition the White House to investigate his case and we need 25,000 signatures by March 4, 2012!

Please follow the instructions below to sign the petition and forward our appeal to others. Forward this message through email, facebook, and twitter. We need to gather many signatures to bring this to the attention of the White House!


Step 1: Register for an Account in the White House Website

1.         Go to (Click on No Thanks. Go to the website).

2.         Scroll down. On the right, below the words We the People, click GET STARTED NOW. 

3.         Click on SIGN IN/CREATE AN ACCOUNT on the bottom right (blue area).

4.         Click Create an Account

5.         Fill in the required blanks (shown in yellow).

6.         Type the code displayed on the bottom right in the blank below it.

7.         Click the Register button.

8.         Close the window and open your email.

Step 2: Open Your Email and Paste the Link in the Address Bar

1.         Open the message from

2.         Highlight the link given, paste it in the address bar, and press enter.

3.         You go to the White House website. Enter a password and confirm it.

4.         Click Save Changes.

Step 3: Copy/Paste Ramsey’s Petition in the Browser (You MUST be logged in).

1.         Click GET STARTED NOW to enter petitions in the White House website.

2.         Copy/paste the link below in the address bar, and press enter. WAIT for the petition to appear. Click to sign the petition and then log out.

THANK YOU for helping us petition the White House to review the case of Ramsey Muñiz, a leader who advocates freedom, justice, equality, and love for all humanity.

National Committee to Free Ramsey Muñiz