Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spirits Begged God to Let Them Enter into the Mode of Darkness

Our father constantly makes the statements that the only reason that I survived those three years in that dark cold oppressive dungeon at times chained, shackled, and naked, was because I believe in God, In my brother Jesus Christ, and in La Virgin de Guadalupe. I used to pray to all our spirits who were at the time begging God to let them come into the mode of darkness that I was experiencing but that God stated that I must overcome and become the man that He had chosen.

Amor, TEZ

Dearest Husband:

There is a startling revelation from your holy communications with the spirit world. They feel sorrow in their world. I say this because I went to Catholic school. I had been taught that once a spirit passes into the heavens the spirit is unaware of the suffering on earth. Now I know of a different perspective which I believe and will share with others.

All my love,


Jesus Christ is With Me

Jesus Christ is With Me

How can i not ever forget the words of my loving brother Jesus Christ when they had him in the dungeons of the old times beating Him, starving Him, and constantly telling Him that He was going to die and for what? Where was everyone who was supposed to be by HIs side?  God Almighty came into that darkness and embraced Him and shared with Him that because of His suffering and because of His having to carry and endure the cross of freedom, justice, and love for all humanity throughout history and for the masses of humanity,  that He had to be strong. He had to believe in God almighty and believe in Himself so that humanity could believe in themselves forever in the world to come.

Jesus Christ is with me. His desire is that I constantly ask the world know not to let me die in the oppressive prisons of America, and to let me carry this cross which I bear in my heart and soul so that I can share with humanity that love that conquers all hearts and souls.

Amor, TEZ

Spiritual Since My Youth

It is historical and many who have known me are aware that since my childhood I have been very spiritual. In fact, it is known that since my days in junior high school and all throughout high school I would make a part of my life to attend early morning mass at 6:30 a.m. at Holy Family Church on Elgin street which was walking distance from my house on Ada Street in the in an area that was then referred to as San Diego.  Coach R.S. Garza and Faustino Rivera (late father of Joe Rivera and Delia Rivera) were the users in the morning mass and eventually I became of the youngest ushers ever in the Catholic Church. I never missed a day of mass all through junior high and high school. When I was senior I was asked by the leading father at Christ the King Church if I would coach the boys basketball team, and I did and we won the conference at that time. I was just a senior at Miller High School.

 I am sharing all of these facts because many might think that  because of my suffering for 20 years in the prisons of America I have found this power of spirituality. In reality this power has always been in my heart and soul as if God was preparing me to be the spiritual warrior/leader that He was seeking for a long time on this earth. Delia, Joe, Father Higgins, Father Fernandez and many others were and are witnesses to my spiritual life at a very early age. That spirituality has now become the essence of seeking freedom, justice, equality and love not only for myself and my family, but most importantly for all humanity.