Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Deborah Leff, Pardon Attorney, Asked to Submit Commutation Petition for Ramiro Muniz BEFORE Leaving

January 28, 2016

 Ms. Deborah Leff
Pardon Attorney
145 N Street NE Room 5E.508
Washington, DC 20530

            Re:      Immediate Submission Sought for the Petition for Commutation of Sentence
for Ramiro R. Muñiz, 40288-115

Dear Ms. Leff:
We are disheartened to read of your resignation in Josh Gerstein’s article, “Obama’s Pardon Attorney Resigns” POLITICO Mag., 15 Jan. 2016.

The National Political Campaign for the Freedom of Ramiro Muñiz urges you to submit the Petition for Commutation of Sentence for Ramiro R. Muñiz, to President Barack Obama BEFORE YOU LEAVE.  

Muñiz, a non-violent man with good conduct, is 73 years of age. He has degenerative health conditions and he is confined to a wheelchair 90% of the time. He has worked for 21 years to have the Office of the Pardon Attorney submit his petition to the President.

Mexican Americans, Hispanics, and Latinos ask what it was about the petition, good prison conduct, age and health issues that prevented Ramsey Muñiz from being granted his freedom. Why did President Obama consistently disregarded the pleas of the Hispanic community in the United States?

If it were not for the fact that the three strikes enhancement was misapplied on a non-violent man (which violated the spirit and the letter of the law), Muñiz would have served the full term of his sentence two years ago.

We believed in the Clemency Project that was announced by Eric Holder, former Attorney General. We now ask if this program is genuine, knowing that to this day we have not been contacted by a Clemency Project attorney as we had been informed.

I thank you for your assistance and await your reply.