Monday, April 30, 2012

To hear your voice makes all the difference in the world to me. I can even tell how your heart and soul feel just by the tone of your most beautiful and most profound voice on the phone - I wish I could reach into that phone and touch your lips with my lips and my heart and soul with your heart and soul. I have missed you very much and we have a lot to catch
up with and please once again do not worry or put any pressure on yourself because freedom is not about pressure freedom is a gift from God and God does not believe in pressure He believes in the truth and in the faith of seeking that gift that He has bestowed upon our lives now and forever... Please know and you may feel free to share that every night I would get on my knees and thank God not only for giving me the strength, courage, faith, discipline, and dignity of doing this time in lock/down but as I was thanking Him for keeping me alive for those three (3) years that i was confined the dungeons of Leavenworth and at times with shackles and chains and naked for days, weeks, and months at a time.

He knew that I would survive because He knows that I will be the vital symbol of what freedom is all about and it is not about guilt or innocence it is now about freedom and what they have done to me as humanity on this earth. This is only the beginning and we have just begun to struggle for our freedom like never ever before in our lives.

I love you very much and I will be touch later for the lines are long and I must be fair.

Amor, TEZ  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Then slowly my Mexika (me-shee-ka) spirituality took hold of itself, raising itself out of that pain, misery, hunger, and humiliation. A tiny fire, a speck in the beginning was born in the center of my heart, thus drawing life, growing until it became a powerful flame that carried my Mexika spirituality up and out of my torment. I was alive and never again would this happen to me. When I opened my eyes, I realized I would be free within my soul because pain, suffering, agony, and the shackles on my naked body had liberated me forever."


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

God and the Spirits Know That I Am in Constant Prayer and Meditation

Even your father agrees that it will be God who will free us one day soon but that we must do what has to be done to carry out the word and the truth of God and the gifts that He gave to us from the time of our creation as humans on this earth - freedom, justice, equality, and love, love, love, and more love. All the spirits know that it is not what Ramsey thinks or wishes to do and that it will get done because God and the spirits know that I am in constant prayer and meditation asking for guidance and for the intelligence that they wish to bring forth into my mind and heart.
I am in total agreement with my brother in Eagle Pass that it is all in the hands and in the heart of God. I knew that especially when I was chained and shackled and naked for days, weeks, and months and had no communication at all with the outside world. I never gave up praying and meditating and asking God to please give me the strength and the courage to overcome those hard oppressive and cruel days and months of my life. It was then that in my mind and in my heart I could hear the words of my brother Jesus Christ for me to rise from my knees and to overcome all the oppression and brutal treatment and to let the oppressor know that instead of becoming weak and fragile it was time for me to demonstrate courage, faith, pride, and spirituality like never before in my life. I stood up and I looked up and I said as loud as I could , " Thank you God!” So now a day does not go by that I do not do what has to be done in order for us to take our freedom back and the more I pray, the stronger that I become. I thank my brother from Eagle Pass for his prayers.


My Most Powerful Transformation

April 18, 2012

The calling was so powerful and strong that it didn't even take me more than fifteen minutes to flow into my spiritual transformation and it was so strong that afterwards it took me time to realize that I was confined in this institution of the oppressor. The messages were very heavy and the spirits are all in agreement that I am becoming such a strong spiritual messenger that soon the doors to liberation will be open not only for me for those who are seeking love and peace in their hearts and souls. They are in agreement with me that the time has come after 20 years of such suffering and pain for the world to know and not be silent anymore - that the suffering and pain does not go away and that it is constantly there when they shut my doors and locking me in as if I was an animal and should not even be here to begin  with that the biggest injustice committed against any human in this present history of humanity. They share with me that anyone else like those that begin their sentences when I was in Leavenworth who recently passed away and those that had to be confined in the house of insanity because their minds could not take the incarceration anymore and here I am getting stronger and stronger and stronger in every phases of life including the openness of my heart and soul and to find forgiveness to this oppressor after what he has done to my life and to the lives of my family. The spirits who  are in Heaven give me such love and tenderness and when they embrace me I can feel as if i was born all over again and

I am full of love and wisdom and knowledge and intelligence like you have no idea.  Words cannot truly be found to describe how I feel inside my heart and soul it is that powerful spiritually. The time has come for the world to know about my 20 years of such drastic suffering, pain, sorrow, and the chains and shackles that sometimes I get up and jump from my bunk thinking that i have those chains and shackles attached to my body and i find myself in a cold sweat. It is then I begin to cry like a child and I thank God and my brother Jesus Christ for letting me live such cruel and brutal conditions that not even an animal could have survived. Sometimes at night I would leave the crumbs of food on the floor so that the rats that came into the cell would eat the crumbs and not bit on me but they would come out every night and I lived through that for three years of my life. Now you know how I feel in my heart and soul for your love and for your kindness

because if you would not have been there i would not have survived. You must know that because the spirits wish for you to know that and to take that to the Altar at church and at the Altar at the house and thank God for keeping me alive knowing that we are getting ready to make history once more in this world and that history will be about love, about Mom, about the family, and about you fighting for our freedom like no other woman on this earth - you were destined and chosen by God without even knowing so.

Amor, TEZ 

I have just begun to live like never ever before. I am in love with you like never ever before in my entire life. Give my love to Mom and Norma they will never recognize me again.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Grass Roots Destiny of Seeking God

"True God-sent spirituality, even from this oppressive mode of inhumane mode of darkness and injustices, is a grass roots destiny of seeking God, a journey of deep insight and inspiration of the soul involving authenticity and purpose that might or might not happen in a church, synagogue, or mosque. True spirituality that comes from such suffering, pain, agony, sorrow, chains, shackles, and imprisonment of one's soul is an expression of true faith and does not always fit into accepted patterns of theology or practice."

There is a calling in my heart and soul to go outside and pray like never ever before. I feel the coming of a heavy spiritual transformation like never ever before.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Freedom, Justice, and Love are Gifts From God

In my heart and soul I already know that it will be a very heavy spiritual night and that after we communicate I will sleep like a child as if it was meant for me . Your father was in total agreement that we should begin to always think positive not only about ourselves but about our struggle for our freedom - not only my freedom but he states that it is also your freedom and the freedom of the Ramos/Alvarez family because he knows that certain members of the family pray at night for me and that one day I will be free and with the family once more. He states that there is no reason thatwe should even have the elements of negativity around us or within us because the injustices and the oppression and the chains and shackles have all been experienced by me for no human reason at all they did it just to punish me and break my spirits but instead God sent  Jesus Christ, my brother into that dungeon and He gave me such strength and willingness and I was always thinking positive that the oppressor finally realized that instead of breaking me I was breaking them with my spiritual feelings and love in my heart and soul. Your father asked me to share with you and tell you that you have every reason on earth and in Heaven to walk with your head up high and don't ever let anyone look down because you have proven to God and all the spirits that what you are seeking - freedom, justice, and love, are all gifts from God and that God has chosen you to be with Him forever and ever.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Continued Confinement Here Violates my Constitutional Rights

To continue to have me confined in this institution is a complete violation of my constitutional rights under the 8th amendment (cruel and unusual punishment), the 5th amendment (Due process of law) and the 14th amendment (equal protection of the law).
This is an institution for all gang members and i should be in a low-level institution especially because of my age - nearly 70 years old and I have to protect myself at all times because sometimes the youth think that the old cannot protect themselves but everyone knows in this institution that I workout every day of the week for more than two hours and I walk the track and I do all of my exercises so that everyone can see me as if I was getting ready for football season. I am strong - I am very strong and God wishes for me to be like this for I constantly ask for Him to give me strength and discipline all day and all night. It is time for me to return to my family and it is time for me to be close to you like never ever before.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

In Remembrance of the Life and the Death and the Rebirth of Jesus Christ

In Remembrance of the Life and the Death and the Rebirth of Jesus Christ

A conversation with Ramsey Muniz
Raul Garcia

As I prepared to visit Ramsey Muniz, a political prisoner for the last 20 years, I thought about the many years we have known each other.  In fact, we go all the way back to high school days.  Though each visit through the years has been educational and inspirational, there seemed to be something different and special about this visit.  We had scheduled the visit for April 22, 2011 without my realizing it would fall on Good Friday.  Maybe that's the reason why as I dressed that morning there seemed to be something guiding me toward my black clothes -- a symbolic color of what happened on Good Friday in 33 A.D.

When I saw Ramsey that morning and we sat down, he said, " Do you realize today is Good Friday, the day that Jesus Christ was crucified?"  I knew then that this visit would be different, given the significance of the day. I realized that prison is like being in what the Hebrews called "Golgotha" and Latin Rome called "Calvary", a place to suffer and die.  All over the world, including America, the Christ is being crucified, particularly the innocent ones who are thrown along with the criminals and crucified along with the Christ.  Ramsey believes that the arrest of Jesus was a political event, given that the Roman Empire felt threatened by a young revolutionary who would say things like "You have heard it said of old, but I say unto you."

The Jesus movement had grown so big, that a new direction, a new vision, a new ethic came out from the lips of Jesus.  The authorities had to get rid of him, so they monitored him wherever he went.  The authorities had to get rid of him.  Muniz thinks and believes that his own arrest was also a political event in order to silence the leaders of the Chicano movement.  Reises Lopez Tijerina, a leader of the Land Grant Alliance in New Mexico, once said to me that Chicano leaders were constantly monitored during the height of the Chicano Movement.  He showed me evidence which he obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. 

Let us keep in mind that Jesus was betrayed by some of his closest followers, some for money, others because their egos mattered to them more than the one who had come to speak in the name of Justice.  Yes, justice is also a form of salvation, both individual and social.  Muniz thinks that he, like Christ, was betrayed as the years went by, as the silence of some who were close to him during the movement ran scared, like the followers of Jesus who scattered and hid in and around Jerusalem. 

It was Mary Magdalene to whom Jesus appeared first after the resurrection, she whom Jesus loved the most, and in whom He entrusted his deepest secrets which not even the  disciples were privy to.  yes, she rallied the doubters, the scared, the deniers.  It is no accident that Ramsey's wife , Irma, has suffered all these years along with her husband, for she knows him like no one else does, and has worked incessantly in his behalf. 

Ramsey said to me that he now understands the agony of the Christ on the Cross, an agony that is so profound that it pierces the heart of the soul.  From the dark dungeons of America, Ramsey has come to understand why Jesus himself felt totally abandoned on the cross.  But through loneliness and suffering, he says, Christ became a pure man, a man of spiritual strength, to which I added that perhaps that is the reason why we can also see Jesus' divinity in the strength of his humanity made pure through the holiness of suffering and sacrifice.  But just as Jesus forgave those who abandoned him or did him wrong, Ramsey likewise forgives those who accused him of a crime he did not commit. 

In the end, Jesus was given a death sentence just as Socrates was sentenced to die.  Because he raised the standard of love and holiness in a world gone astray, Jesus was crucified, while Socrates faced death because of his devotion to truth in a world built on falsehood.  The death penalty comes in difference forms.  That's why Muniz refers to his life imprisonment, which is a life sentence with no possibility of parole, as a death sentence.

After our theological conversation Ramsey touched on other matters.  He said he'd been thinking of Cesar Chavez, the great civil rights leader whom Archbishop Mahoney of Los Angeles called the prophet of the poor.  Ramsey said that Chavez once told him that La Raza was no longer afraid, that the people would no longer hold back and would speak without fear. He said that Chavez was convinced that the future would be ours.  This is why Ramsey Muniz says that we need to reach the young, for they appear to be clueless about our history and do not seem to know what is going on in the world.  There is no excuse for this, he says, given the power of the Internet as a vehicle for communication within the masses.  I mentioned to him that this is how the Zapatistas in Chiapas had gained world-wide support by mastering the new technological forms of communication.  Mastery of this modern form of communication, he says, is going to be a major key in the role we play in the 21st century.  He says that history is on our side, that the rising speed of the growing Raza population is overwhelming the centers of power which do not know how to handle us other than by passing futile immigration laws.  Laws cannot stop the inevitable. 

When Ramsey says that history is on our side I cannot help but think of the great prince Cuauhtemoc who rallied the Aztecs when the Sun seemed to be in an eclipse as they fought the European invaders. Though defeated temporarily, Cuauhtemoc prophesied that the people of the Sixth Sun would rise again.

Finally, before we ended the visit, my friend of 50 years asked that we pray, which we did.  We had visited on Good Friday, the day of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  But we both knew that history does not end with crucifixion and death. It does not end with a tear or with suffering, for there is always an Easter, always a day of freedom and joy.

Raul Garcia, a graduate of Baylor University, presently teaches at Lamar State University.