Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Cross of Jesus Christ and Imprisonment

Like never ever before I shall be close to my beloved brother, Jesus Christ, who gave His life knowing that He was going to suffer like no other human being on earth. He knew that those who were close to Him would deny Him, that He would be tortured, be alone and hungry, and that those close to His heart and soul would deny Him at the calling hour of His life.

As they beat and tortured Him, the oppressor sought for Him to deny His teachings and the existence of God. They hoped for Him to deny the existence of life and forgiveness and love, but He refused and stated that one day soon they too would seek forgiveness from Almighty God and for the day of judgment would come to all humanity.

Even the night before He was nailed to the cross of freedom, justice, and love, Jesus continued to be strong, with such will and power that He knew that soon He would be free and would be with His father God almighty.

On His knees He made every effort with His brutally beaten body to carry that cross, knowing in His heart and soul that in the future others would carry the same cross. It is the same cross that I have carried in the prisons of America for the last 20 years of my unlawful and unjust imprisonment.

Jesus was nailed alive on the cross. He kept praying and asking for strength faith and courage to overcome the pain and the suffering. As He hung on that cross He looked up at Heaven and with all the strength in His heart and soul He stared for a long time, and finally said to His father, "Forgive them for they do not know what they do." 

I have found forgiveness for those who refused to give me a piece of bread or a drink of water while confined the dungeons of Leavenworth, at times chained and shackled for days, weeks and months and at times even naked. I pray for those who know that I only meant to bring freedom and justice to others. I never sought fame or fortune, but freedom for the lives of others.

Our time has come, and I have become a much stronger individual. I give the essence of this strength and love and forgiveness to the masses of humanity.

Ramsey (TEZ)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I love you very much and Valentine's Day has nothing compared to the love that we have in our hearts. Our love knows about suffering, about pain, about darkness, about sadness, about almost dying, about sorrow, about imprisonment, and yes, it is the most powerful love on this earth.
Many wish they knew the essence and the true power of love. They go their entire lives without ever realizing truth, respect, and the spiritual power of love. If love is not spiritual in nature, something will happen, making the element that one called love a reality of no love at all.

It could have been a physical attraction or a love based on personal physical possessions such as money. The love may have been only a sexual encounter between two human beings, which is not love.

The love between us is so powerful that I have to force myself to eat, to sleep and to rest otherwise I could go on 24 hours a day without ever getting tired or fatigue all because of that love in my heart, soul and body.

Ramsey (TEZ)
"In remembrance of the life and the death and the rebirth of Jesus Christ"
"It was Mary Magdalene to whom Jesus appeared first after the resurrection. It was she, whom Jesus loved the most, and in whom He entrusted his deepest secrets which not even the disciples were privy to.  Yes, she rallied the doubters, the scared, the deniers.  It is no accident that Ramsey's wife , Irma, It is no accident that Ramsey's wife, Irma, has suffered all these years along with her husband, for she knows him like no one else does, and has worked incessantly in his behalf. 

Ramsey said to me that he now understands the agony of the Christ on the Cross, an agony that is so profound that it pierces the heart of the soul.  From the dark dungeons of America Ramsey has come to understand why Jesus himself felt totally abandoned on the Cross.  But through loneliness and suffering, he says, Christ became a pure man, a man of spiritual strength, to which I added that perhaps that is the reason why we can also see Jesus' divinity in the strength of his humanity made pure through the holiness of suffering and sacrifice.  But just as Jesus forgave those who abandoned him or did him wrong, Ramsey likewise forgives those who accused him of a crime he did not commit." 

Ramsey and his family have continued to suffer unjustly for the last 20 years.  

Raul Garcia
Lamar University

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christ Knew that He Would Suffer Like No Other Human Being

"Power that does not address injustice, oppression and cruel imprisonment in society is not based on a
good or true concept of God.  Power corrupts when it does not have a good and true concept of God. St. Paul reminds us that we can have all the faith and hope in the world, but without love we have nothing. Love makes our concept of God pure."   Dr. Salvador Alvarez

Whenever I begin to have doubts in my mind or heart about freedom ever coming into my life, I immediately begin to pray to my most beloved brother Jesus Christ and I ask Him to please come into my heart and soul and lift me from this mode of oppressive darkness in which I have lived and continue to survive by any means necessary. Even when I think of those who have refused to give me a drink of water for my thirst or a piece of bread for my hunger, I immediately turn to our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, and I will not forget how He knew in His heart that He was going to suffer like no other human being in the history of this earth. He shared with His disciples and followers that they were to deny Him and not even come to seek His freedom or alleviate His hunger, thirst, painful torture, and beatings before carrying His cross. He wore a crown of thorns pushed into His temples. When He reached the top of the hill, he was stripped, and nailed alive to the cross. He hung with all the strength left in His heart and soul, stared into heaven, and said to God, "Forgive them for they do not know what they do." 

It is through the cross of our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, that I have forgiveness for those who refused to ask if I have remained alive or not after 20 years of oppressive suffering in the prisons of America. It is this pain and suffering through chains and shackles, at times in complete darkness, that have given me the strength, courage, pride, and spirituality to seek my freedom and the freedom of humanity that has been oppressed for long periods of time throughout history.

I feel the essence of freedom in my heart and soul and it gives me life. Every day I feel younger and younger and younger, for I know in my heart that God has a mission for me in today’s world, and I intend to fulfill that spiritual mission for all.