Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pope Francis Demonstrates the Life Of Jesus Christ

November 9, 2013

There is so much violence throughout the world pertaining to different religious groups that are seeking spirituality by means of violence, and we have Francis Pope, one of the greatest religious spiritual leaders in the world, on his knees washing the feet of prisoners advocating forgiveness, understanding, communication, grief, pain, and love. Without having to say it, he was on his knees sharing the "Rebirth of Consciousness” with the world.

Pope Francis prayed until Jesus Christ came into his heart and soul and told him to do what he had done before the entire world. He had to demonstrate the true meaning of forgiveness, freedom, justice, love, and the life of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


Letter to Pope Francis

Irma L. Muñiz and Family
4833 Saratoga Blvd. #336
Corpus Christi, TX 78413
Telephone: (409) 363-1878 Email:

                                                            December 9, 2013

His Holiness Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace                                
00120 Vatican City

                        Re: Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz 40288-115

Your Holiness:

You are a man of prayer and a just man.  I write in supplication for your spiritual influence to help free my husband, Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz, who has been unjustly incarcerated for nearly twenty years.  At 71 years of age, he is serving a sentence of life without parole in Texas.

My husband’s health conditions are degenerative, and he uses a wheelchair the majority of the time.  He has submitted an application for early release under a new "Compassionate Release Program" and we pray for a positive outcome.  A word from you would be very helpful in the cause of his being released and we humbly ask for your intercession.

Ramiro "Ramsey" became a attorney and activist who defended civil and human rights. At age 30 he ran for Governor of Texas. Although he was not elected, he awakened political consciousness and made positive contributions to the lives of all, especially Mexican Americans and Hispanics, seeking justice through political representation. Subsequently, malicious charges and persecutions were made to put him away, and sadly were all too successful.

Pastor Reverend Dr. R.L. Uzzel stated, "Wrong perceptions, judgments, mistakes, and withholding evidence contributed to his convictions." Dr. Andres Guerrero, a graduate of Harvard School of Divinity, shares this view. He is writing a book about Muñiz’s history, imprisonment, and spirituality. 

I am convinced of my husband’s innocence, and I have worked with others for twenty years to obtain freedom and justice for Ramsey Muñiz. My family loves and supports him. Catholic priest Father Juan Romero of California has written three times to President Obama. Other religious leaders, national organizations, and congressmen have also supported our efforts.

From his imprisonment, Ramsey watched you washing the feet of prisoners.  You showed your loving tenderness, humility, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, suffering, and love. This act gives us hope for his return to his family and community.

Information which can help you advocate on behalf of Ramiro “Ramsey” Muñiz with President Obama can be accessed at For additional information, go to and If you wish to contact my husband directly, you may write him at the following address in Beaumont, Texas:
Ramiro R. Mu
ñiz #40288-115 / FCC Beaumont-Medium / P.O. Box 26040 / Beaumont, TX  77720.

                                                            In spiritual unity with you and God's family,

                                                            Irma L. Muñiz and Family

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tribute to Nelson Mandela 1918 - 2013

I am greatly saddened about the passing of Nelson Mandela, but at the same time I see him embracing my beloved brother, Jesus Christ, who gave His life for freedom, justice, and love for the world. Even as I share these words of spiritual wisdom, I cannot stop tears of sadness and sorrow because at the moment that I heard of his passing, I was reading his recent book, making comments about his thoughts which made an impact on my heart. He spoke with the same voice, knowing the true meaning of oppression, discrimination, racial bias, loneliness, chains, shackles, and a long imprisonment. Those who continue to feel the cold iron and steel doors that shut their hearts and minds can understand.  I will be with my brother, Nelson Mandela, as I will pray for his journey to heaven, and I ask that after his resting and taking his spiritual position that he come into my heart and soul and give me the courage, pride, love, heart, and soul to become a free man once again and to bring freedom to the masses of humanity.
To Nelson Mandela I say, “I will always love you for coming into my life when I was in solitary confinement.  My wife, Irma Muniz, sent me your most famous book -- Long Walk to Freedom. I read the book twice, and I shall always love you for being the man, father, and spiritual human being that you shall forever be.”
I have fasted, drinking only water for the last four days. I shall continue to fast in dedication to the spiritual life of my beloved freedom brother, Nelson Mandela.
Freedom.  Freedom. God, give us our freedom.
Ramsey R. Muniz
Confined 21 years in the prisons of the United States of America

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nelson Mandela Was Chosen by God

Today I dedicated my prayers and meditation to the life of my beloved brother in struggle, Nelson Mandela. When I first heard him speak and read his words about freedom, justice, equality, pride, discipline, dignity, and love, I knew that Nelson Mandela had been chosen by God. From the time of his birth to this very day he strives to survive having dedicated his life to freedom, justice, and love.

I can feel the love that comes from his heart to this day, because it is the same love that I feel for humanity.  It is about freedom, justice, and love, and I know that these qualities in life will come about because they are gifts from God bestowed from the time of our creation.  They can never be denied for they are given only by God.

I pray for Nelson Mandela, and I thank God for freedom, justice, and love – qualities for which he suffered and gave his life.


Ramsey Muniz


Thursday, June 20, 2013

This Love Shall Overcome

We need the assistance of United States Congressmen, National Hispanic and Latino organizations, individuals from our spiritual churches and the masses of humanity so that one day I can be free once more.
I am the man that I am today, yesterday, and tomorrow because of the spirituality in my heart and soul. I have been able to overcome twenty years of oppressive and hard imprisonment like no other prisoner in this United States of America, yet I have become spiritually stronger like never before.
Our movement for our freedom has to be spiritual. This is the message that I constantly receive during my daily prayers and meditations everyday, when I kneel right in the middle of the institutional yard to be alone with God.
I have never ever felt so strong and powerful in all phases of my life, and the love that I possess for humanity is unreal. My heart and soul are full of love and with this love we shall overcome.
Ramsey Muniz 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

We Ask Congressmen and the Bureau of Prisons to Transfer Ramsey Muniz Closer to Home

Ramsey Muniz is in solitary confinement along with the entire institution. He and others suffer greatly. Contact him by mail at:
Ramiro R. Muniz - 40288-115
FCC Beaumont - Medium
P.O. Box 26040
Beaumont, TX  77720

We ask congressmen and congresswoman to send correspondence to the Bureau of Prisons, recommending that Ramsey Muniz be transferred to Three Rivers FCI. All that we seek are human rights for a man who has been wrongfully incarcerated for nearly 20 years of his life.
The trial testimony shows that Judge Paul Brown had made the recommendation that Ramsey Muniz be confined in Three Rivers, Texas, yet he remains in Beaumont F.C.I.  Please contact your congressman and ask him/her to write to the warden at Beaumont FCI, asking for assistance in having Ramsey transferred to Three Rivers, Texas, as the judge originally recommended.
Ramsey Muniz is 70 years of age and life expectancy in the United States is 74 years. He deserves to be closer to his family for the few remaining years of his life.
Congressmen may write to:
Mr. C.V. Rivera, Warden
FCC Beaumont – Medium
P.O. Box 26045
Beaumont, TX 77720

For additional information:

National Committee to Free Ramsey Muniz
PMB 216 5403 Everhart Road
Corpus Christi, TX 78411
Telephone: (409) 363-1878 |

God is Calling for Me to Serve Him

Words are difficult to describe the appearance of our spirits who are in heaven and the enlightenment that they bring through their love and embrace like never ever before. At times I feel as if maybe God is calling for me to serve Him in heaven which I am ready and prepared to do, but your father and our mother, Hilda, continue to share that our lives have just begun like never before and that we have a mission to fulfill in our lives on earth.  
Many will wish to deny our history of suffering and pain for many years, knowing in their hearts they could have never survived this suffering in their lives.  I have God, Jesus Christ, La Virgin de Guadalupe, and our spirits who are in heaven. I also have the most precious enduring love that you bestow on my life when you state, "I love you." Those are the three most powerful and profound words on earth and in heaven.
Your father shares that what is wrong with humanity. We can go almost our entire lives without ever uttering three God-given words - - "I love you." 



Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Love of Our Mothers

My mother, Hilda, was most powerful and profound this afternoon like never ever before.  She stated that regardless of how much I have suffered and continue to suffer, I must just take the time and pray for her. She will come into my soul and give me all the love and the strength that a mother would give her children.
She states that many will be joining our journey in seeking our freedom because after so many years we have never admitted defeat and that the reason why we continue to become stronger, not only among ourselves. Many others will begin joining our cause for freedom and justice like never ever before.
My mother continues to admire me as her son because my primary objective is to move closer to mom and the family.  Our mother, Irma, is the key to our freedom and she must know that over and over again. Her love, prayers, courage, and will to stay alive is most important in our lives until God decides otherwise. God wishes for mom to be with us when I become a free man once again.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Spiritual Life Was Altered in Solitary Confinement

It makes a big difference to go outside and feel the winds to be in the midst of what God has given to humanity from the formation of earth - the sky, the clouds, and sometimes the sun and the moon.

As I was praying and meditating this afternoon, I could not help but wonder how it was possible that I was able to survive three years in the dungeons of Leavenworth USP. I came to know hunger, thirst, sadness, loneliness, chains, shackles, darkness, and coldness. At times I wished that I would not be alive anymore on this earth. Yes, I went through all of these changes. They are changes that many human beings on this earth will never experience, and I pray to God that no one ever has to go through what I did.

For the longest time I was strong. Gradually my strength and desire to stay alive weakened like never before in my life. At times I would ask God to please take my life. It was during one of those days that I was on my knees, chained and shackled,  not knowing if I was going to survive such inhumane treatment. Even an animal would receive better care than I, and I was a human being.

Never will I ever forget that out of nowhere I could hear a voice coming into my soul, conveying for me to stand up, off my knees, and to be thankful to God because I was alive. From that day on I would not only be alive, but I would have pride, discipline, dignity and love, sharing with God and my beloved brother, Jesus Christ, that I would never again display signs of weakness. I would let the world know that I will struggle and fight for freedom to the last day that it takes of my life and the lives of those who join this journey of liberation.


I know that it was my beloved brother, Jesus Christ, who came into the cold darkness. I was on my knees feeling sorry for myself because I had been praying and asking Him to come into my heart and soul and He did.


There is much going on in the world today. At the very end, when all the dust settles, it will all be about spirituality, God, and the different religious beliefs and convictions throughout the world. It is all about God -- the one who created this world.


The time has come for the world to realize that the only way to resolve differences is to first resolve one’s difference with God. After this, everything will be clear, because God does not intend to bring harm or sadness to humanity. He created the world for the purpose of knowing freedom, justice, peace, faith, spirituality and love, love, and more love.


The world is afraid to use the term love. They believe that it is a sign of weakness and this is the greatest mistake that we can make. May God forgive the world and may God forgive those who unjustly and unlawfully confined my life for the last 20 years.



Ramsey Muñiz

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ and Love of His Mother

In the Book of Mark, which is thought to be the first of the Gospels written, it is written that it was Mary Magdalene, Mary, and Salome who found the stone rolled away.  It was to Mary Magdalene that the resurrected Jesus Christ first appeared.  She seemed and was altogether stronger and more stalwart than the 11 remaining disciples (Judas having gone to perhaps by suicide, in grief). 

Women, including Mary and Mary Magdalene, were particularly noted for standing, kneeling, and crying by Jesus Christ during His ordeal on Golgotha. Once again the indications and the historical evidence reflects that women were, are, and shall forever be the symbol of consciousness as it pertains to freedom, justice, pride, family, courage, faithfulness, and love like no other.

I praise the courage and love of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, on the day that He gave His life on the cross with such pain and torture on His body and soul. I celebrate His glorious resurrection that came about as result of this mission of love.

I give glory and gratitude to the Mary, Jesus' mother, and to all the women close to Mary and Mary Magdalene, who never left the site of the cross where Jesus Christ was nailed alive. They remained until He was taken down.

This same courage and pride resides in our mothers on this earth. The time has come for us to embrace them like never ever before, and let them know how thankful we are for the love and sacrifices that they made for us.

Ramsey Muñiz

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cesar Chavez, the Prophet of the Poor

I devoted considerable time in meditation and prayer asking Jesus Christ, Cesar Chavez, Gandhi, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to come into my heart and soul. I asked that they provide me with what they wish for me to share with the world about Cesar Chavez, this famous farm worker, labor leader, and one of the most famous civil rights spiritual activists in our times.

The presence of Cesar Chavez continues to be with us. Hundreds of our people unite to celebrate his life, because he is very much alive. In fact, he is more alive today than he was when he took that journey with Jesus Christ, Gandhi, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cesar Chavez died on April 23, 1993, and he has been in a very profound resurrection ever since then, only miles away from his birth place in San Luis, Arizona. It is said that over 50,000 people attended his funeral mass in the small town of Delano, California. Many, such as Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney, have declared him as the "21st Century Prophet of the Poor.”

History also has it recorded that on August 8, 1994, his widow, Helen Chavez, accepted and received the Medal of Freedom conferred posthumously by President Bill Clinton.

On December 6, 2006, Cesar Chavez was inducted into the California Hall of Fame. We commemorate his life of dedication, spirituality, and his love for the freedom of humanity.

Chavez marched and led strikes against rich farm workers that refused to pay fair wages. He advocated human rights in providing a voice against discrimination and oppression.

He had the love and the power of Jesus Christ in his heart. He shared this one time as we spoke, because he knew in his heart that I also sought freedom, justice, and love for all humanity. We could see in each other’s eyes the respect and the love that we had in each other's hearts, because Jesus Christ was with us.

I know that Cesar Chavez is with me tonight and every night, giving me strength, faith, courage, dignity, pride and most importantly, sharing the love of Jesus Christ, whose resurrection is celebrated today.  

Cesar knows that I have survived and will continue to survive, because he states that both he and our most beloved brother, Jesus Christ, are with me and all of our brothers and sisters who suffer in this hard, oppressive world. They will struggle with us until we are all free!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Why Has Thou Forsaken Me

All night and even this morning these words continue to sound and resound in my mind and heart and soul. My most beloved brother, Jesus Christ, was giving His life for the sake of all humanity on this earth, to enable humanity to seek salvation through the blessings of Almighty God. It was for the sake of freedom, justice, forgiveness, family, spirituality, and love. He knew that He had been chosen from the very beginning as He moved through the masses of a humanity that spoke of this great man by the name of Jesus Christ, who had been sent to earth by God.

I am amazed of how much He must have suffered nailed alive to the cross by His hands and feet, not having anyone come forward except His loving mother, Mary.  On her knees, she tried to touch His feet so that He would know that she had never deserted Him and never would.

How He must have felt teaching and sharing His kindness and love, knowing that not one had been present as He suffered on the cross. It is no wonder that He finally looked up to heaven and spoke to God asking, "Why has Thou  forsaken me?"

Soon after, the heavens opened. My beloved brother, Jesus Christ, came into the midst and power of God's kingdom of heaven. To this very day and time all the teachings and everything that Jesus Christ shared made it possible for us to be who we are today.

No, God never truly forsook His Son, Jesus Christ, who in making the statement indicated that He was human -- more human than we will ever be.


Good Friday

I know that I will be in deep spiritual prayer and meditation like never ever before. I can only imagine what was going through the mind, heart, and soul of my most beloved brother, Jesus Christ, as He waited to be tried, and sentenced. Today represents the most historical crucifixion of a human being demonstrated to the world. Christ was stripped naked, beaten, tortured without a piece of bread for His hunger or a drop of water for His thirst.  Without strength left in His beaten body, He was forced to carry the cross. He fell, was beaten, and whipped on His body.

When He finally arrived the top of the hill, we was nailed alive to the cross by His hands. They bound both feet and nailed them to the cross in the same way.

I can feel His presence, and I can feel His strength, courage, pride, dignity and love like never ever before in my entire life.

It was meant to be for my spiritual brother Raul to be with me, as we will celebrate the resurrection of our beloved brother in struggle for freedom, justice, and love.

Ramsey Muñiz

The Love, Power, and Spirituality of our Mothers

I continue to do extensive reading and research into our spiritual world, reading books that have not been opened in the prison chapel for years. I spend hours and hours not only in prayer, but seeking what other individuals sought during those historical spiritual times, knowing in their hearts and souls that one day someone on this earth would take the time to read what they witnessed and sought in their hearts.

The message that I have found and has come from Jesus Christ is a love that keeps coming out so strong and so powerfully that humanity misses it during these most historical spiritual days. It is the blessing and the love of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

We must take the time and realize that our greatest gift on this earth was she who brought and assisted God in creating us for existence in this life yesterday, today and tomorrow.

It is not only the trial, the sorrow, the sadness and crucifixion of our most beloved brother Jesus Christ. It is about the greatest gift that God and the entire spiritual world continues to share with us and that the love, the power, and the spirituality of our mothers.

“Mary meets Jesus on the road to Calvary. The Blessed Virgin sets out toward Calvary where she knows that her son is to be crucified.   Upon the way she meets Him.  What immense sorrow to see Him in this terrible state!! Her gaze meets His, and the abyss of the suffering of Jesus calls upon the abyss of His mother's compassion.  What is there that she would not do for Him! This meeting was at once a source of sorrow and of joy for Jesus.  Of sorrow, in seeing the deep desolation wherein his suffering state plunged his Mother's soul; of joy, in the thought that his sufferings were to pay the price for all the privileges she had already received and for those yet to be lavished upon her.  Jesus continues his way towards the place of his execution because it is his Father's will.  Mary is one with him in all that he feels.  She knows that all things must be accomplished for our salvation.  She takes her share in the sufferings of Jesus in following him as far as Golgotha where she will become Co-Redemptrix.” (Blessed Columba Marmion).  

The power and the love of our mothers cannot ever be forgotten, for it is the source of all creation and righteousness. The more that we honor and cherish and embrace and love our mothers, the more God will come forward in our lives and bring an enlightenment of freedom, justice, and love like never ever before.

It is time to embrace Mary and let her know that we are with her in her suffering, in her witnessing the nailing of her most beloved son, Jesus Christ, and in witnessing his suffering to the very end nailed to the  cross of suffering, forgiveness , and love.


Ramsey Muñiz

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sensitive to Pain and Suffering

The entire afternoon was dedicated to Jesus Christ and His mother like never ever before. I cannot help but feel the love and the affection and the broken heart of Christ's mother as she was on her knees witnessing what they had done to her Son. Her feelings must have come into my spiritual meditation. Without evening realizing it, I was pouring out tears like you have no idea. I know that I am extremely sensitive to witnessing pain and suffering, because of my continuous suffering for the last 20 years of our lives. In other words, I know how it feels to suffer pain and sorrow and loneliness and to know that mom is suffering because of her illness. I can feel what others cannot or refuse to feel because they do not wish to feel bad about anything in the world except about themselves. That is what your father called selfishness.  For some reason or another like never ever before, my dreams and my deep meditations pertain to the suffering of Mary and Joseph and those who were so close to Jesus Christ. As they are reaching out to me, I am praying for them to come into my heart and soul, because  they suffered greatly knowing that God's Son given to them and the world was in reality crucified alive all for us who continue to live in a world of hatred, jealously, disrespect, and little or no compassion for humanity on this earth.


Only Your Father Would Use Such Profound Words

I would give anything to have the power of words that your father possesses. As he communicates with me I stare right into his eyes because I cannot wait for his choice of words in his spiritual communications about mom and the family and you. When he spoke about mom he used the words respect and submission. I would have never thought of using those profound words that describe what we must give to mom as God would have given to us. I know that it is difficult for many to ever even imagine in their minds or hearts that one is in communication with our spirits who are in heaven. For the longest time I personally hesitated to share this with you, but your father insisted that the time had come and that eventually he and others would come into your heart and soul as they have already come into mom's. You cannot imagine how I feel. I cried and cried and I thanked God for giving me the strength, the courage, the endurance, and most important of all the spirituality and love from His heart and soul to mine.


I Know in my Heart and Soul That I Have Been Blessed

Even though my family and I have suffered for the last 20 years of my life like no others on this earth, I know in my heart and soul that I have been blessed. It is very difficult to describe in the English or Spanish language, but in my heart and soul I can feel strength, courage, pride, dignity. Most of all, I feel such power of spirituality that sometimes i cannot contain myself. I begin crying like a child, thanking God for what he has given me, and for choosing me as His symbol of spiritual consciousness like no other at the present time on this earth.


There is no question in my heart and soul that the time has come for me to get closer to mom so that I can begin to embrace her. She knows that I have suffered like no other for the last 20 years of our lives and she has witnessed her own daughter suffer, just as I have suffered because our hearts and souls have been apart.


I know deep in my heart that you will begin to feel that spiritual consciousness that I have spoken of and your father presented not too long ago. If you go back to our previous messages, one night he said that I was the "symbol of spiritual consciousness.”  Now all of that is getting heavier and heavier like you have no idea. I feel like a kid that wishes to play all day and all night and everyone around here will ask me what I am taking because go 100 miles per hour all day and all night. I immediately answer that I have accepted the wishes and the blessings of God, Jesus Christ, and La Virgen de Guadalupe.


Know that we will be free soon and close to each other soon. Have faith and be strong for it is in your blood.





God Chose Me After Years of Pain, Agony, and Suffering

For the longest time I could not stop crying because I was searching for every way possible to give my thanks and gratitude to God, Jesus Christ, La Virgen de Guadalupe, and all our spirits in heaven for giving me such strength, power and courage like you have no idea. I could not stop crying because I know in my heart and soul that God is with us, and that He is going to free us. He is going to take care of mom because He knows that every day, every afternoon, regardless of the pain, I will get on my knees and ask God to please take good care of her and alleviate all of the pain that she suffers at the present time. I thank God for the love of the family and I thank our father, Salvador, and our mother, Hilda, for their presence, providing all the love and the spiritual direction that we must seek and fulfill. You cannot imagine how I feel. I feel like a young kid and I am going 100 miles per hour. It is amazing what God can do. I cried, because I know that He has chosen me after all these years of pain, agony, and suffering. I cry every time I think of my beloved brother, Jesus Christ on that cross. He knows that I love Him very much and that I will never ever abandon Him.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

We Need Forgiveness for Neglecting the Life of Jesus Christ

 It was the most amazing sight of all. Within the hour of prayer on my knees I had tears pouring down my face. I could not stop crying because of the strength and courage that God was giving me. All of sudden it turned from a shining bright day into dark clouds. The entire sky turned dark. Strong winds came and it seemed that rain was about to pour. Everyone went in to the units but something kept telling me that it was all meant to be, as if it was a message from God to say that He was listening and that He understands and loves us for believing in His son, Jesus Christ.
I believed in God when we were in chains and shackles, never losing faith and always keeping in mind how His son had been tortured, beaten, whipped, and at the very end nailed alive to the cross on his hands and feet. He hanged on the cross by his flesh with all the strength, courage and love he had left. He stared into heaven seeking the presence of God, his Father and he said, "Forgive them for they do not know what they do." 
I am convinced more than ever before. What is needed in this world and by those who used to be close is forgiveness. I say this because in this manner they could actually begin a new life. Instead of beating down the old path of selfishness, hate, jealousy, and lack of spirituality, they could truly feel the essence and the power of love.
At the present time all that we hear and read throughout the world pertains to hate, racial issues, discrimination, war, and self destruction of the each other like never ever before. The time has come to open our hearts and souls and be honest with each other and believe in ourselves.
It is time to accept the truth that we are in the midst of a spiritual history like never before in our lives. We who represent the masses regardless of race, color, or creed, must come to realize that our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, came into this world not to take, hate, and destroy, but to love and give the most profound power on this earth, which is the family.
We will witness history recreated all over again and we must take the time and in silence look up to heaven rather than looking down. The time has come to look up and feel pride, courage, faith, and the most powerful of all -- love.  
We need to ask God to forgive us for neglecting the gift of His son's life so that as humans we can be forgiven for our sins and begin to live the qualities for which Jesus Christ gave His life -- spirituality, family, faith, discipline, pride, forgiveness, and most powerful of all love.
I have lived in a world of hate and death for the last 20 years of my life and the only reason that I am the man that I am today is because I have never ever given up on the love of my beloved brother, Jesus Christ, who came to me when I suffered in chains and shackles for days, weeks and months, at times naked like an animal thinking that I might be at the end of my life. I never ever stopped praying, and He came into the cold dark dungeon and told me to rise from my knees and let the oppressor know the man that I am and will forever be. I shouted with all the strength and love in my heart,  freedom, freedom, freedom!"
I ask all in the so-called free world to thank Jesus Christ for coming into this mode of darkness and giving me life now like never ever before. I pray for all, because I love and because I have forgiveness in my heart and soul.
Ramsey Muñiz

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Cross of Jesus Christ and Imprisonment

Like never ever before I shall be close to my beloved brother, Jesus Christ, who gave His life knowing that He was going to suffer like no other human being on earth. He knew that those who were close to Him would deny Him, that He would be tortured, be alone and hungry, and that those close to His heart and soul would deny Him at the calling hour of His life.

As they beat and tortured Him, the oppressor sought for Him to deny His teachings and the existence of God. They hoped for Him to deny the existence of life and forgiveness and love, but He refused and stated that one day soon they too would seek forgiveness from Almighty God and for the day of judgment would come to all humanity.

Even the night before He was nailed to the cross of freedom, justice, and love, Jesus continued to be strong, with such will and power that He knew that soon He would be free and would be with His father God almighty.

On His knees He made every effort with His brutally beaten body to carry that cross, knowing in His heart and soul that in the future others would carry the same cross. It is the same cross that I have carried in the prisons of America for the last 20 years of my unlawful and unjust imprisonment.

Jesus was nailed alive on the cross. He kept praying and asking for strength faith and courage to overcome the pain and the suffering. As He hung on that cross He looked up at Heaven and with all the strength in His heart and soul He stared for a long time, and finally said to His father, "Forgive them for they do not know what they do." 

I have found forgiveness for those who refused to give me a piece of bread or a drink of water while confined the dungeons of Leavenworth, at times chained and shackled for days, weeks and months and at times even naked. I pray for those who know that I only meant to bring freedom and justice to others. I never sought fame or fortune, but freedom for the lives of others.

Our time has come, and I have become a much stronger individual. I give the essence of this strength and love and forgiveness to the masses of humanity.

Ramsey (TEZ)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I love you very much and Valentine's Day has nothing compared to the love that we have in our hearts. Our love knows about suffering, about pain, about darkness, about sadness, about almost dying, about sorrow, about imprisonment, and yes, it is the most powerful love on this earth.
Many wish they knew the essence and the true power of love. They go their entire lives without ever realizing truth, respect, and the spiritual power of love. If love is not spiritual in nature, something will happen, making the element that one called love a reality of no love at all.

It could have been a physical attraction or a love based on personal physical possessions such as money. The love may have been only a sexual encounter between two human beings, which is not love.

The love between us is so powerful that I have to force myself to eat, to sleep and to rest otherwise I could go on 24 hours a day without ever getting tired or fatigue all because of that love in my heart, soul and body.

Ramsey (TEZ)
"In remembrance of the life and the death and the rebirth of Jesus Christ"
"It was Mary Magdalene to whom Jesus appeared first after the resurrection. It was she, whom Jesus loved the most, and in whom He entrusted his deepest secrets which not even the disciples were privy to.  Yes, she rallied the doubters, the scared, the deniers.  It is no accident that Ramsey's wife , Irma, It is no accident that Ramsey's wife, Irma, has suffered all these years along with her husband, for she knows him like no one else does, and has worked incessantly in his behalf. 

Ramsey said to me that he now understands the agony of the Christ on the Cross, an agony that is so profound that it pierces the heart of the soul.  From the dark dungeons of America Ramsey has come to understand why Jesus himself felt totally abandoned on the Cross.  But through loneliness and suffering, he says, Christ became a pure man, a man of spiritual strength, to which I added that perhaps that is the reason why we can also see Jesus' divinity in the strength of his humanity made pure through the holiness of suffering and sacrifice.  But just as Jesus forgave those who abandoned him or did him wrong, Ramsey likewise forgives those who accused him of a crime he did not commit." 

Ramsey and his family have continued to suffer unjustly for the last 20 years.  

Raul Garcia
Lamar University

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christ Knew that He Would Suffer Like No Other Human Being

"Power that does not address injustice, oppression and cruel imprisonment in society is not based on a
good or true concept of God.  Power corrupts when it does not have a good and true concept of God. St. Paul reminds us that we can have all the faith and hope in the world, but without love we have nothing. Love makes our concept of God pure."   Dr. Salvador Alvarez

Whenever I begin to have doubts in my mind or heart about freedom ever coming into my life, I immediately begin to pray to my most beloved brother Jesus Christ and I ask Him to please come into my heart and soul and lift me from this mode of oppressive darkness in which I have lived and continue to survive by any means necessary. Even when I think of those who have refused to give me a drink of water for my thirst or a piece of bread for my hunger, I immediately turn to our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, and I will not forget how He knew in His heart that He was going to suffer like no other human being in the history of this earth. He shared with His disciples and followers that they were to deny Him and not even come to seek His freedom or alleviate His hunger, thirst, painful torture, and beatings before carrying His cross. He wore a crown of thorns pushed into His temples. When He reached the top of the hill, he was stripped, and nailed alive to the cross. He hung with all the strength left in His heart and soul, stared into heaven, and said to God, "Forgive them for they do not know what they do." 

It is through the cross of our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, that I have forgiveness for those who refused to ask if I have remained alive or not after 20 years of oppressive suffering in the prisons of America. It is this pain and suffering through chains and shackles, at times in complete darkness, that have given me the strength, courage, pride, and spirituality to seek my freedom and the freedom of humanity that has been oppressed for long periods of time throughout history.

I feel the essence of freedom in my heart and soul and it gives me life. Every day I feel younger and younger and younger, for I know in my heart that God has a mission for me in today’s world, and I intend to fulfill that spiritual mission for all.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Spirits Took Me Back to Witness Myself Walking at Baylor University

I knew that I would be in for a very heavy night with our spirits who are in heaven. They took me back and I was able to witness myself walking to my classes at Baylor University. I could actually see myself. As I was walking I was thinking to myself why was I the only Mexicano walking the campus to class among Anglo American students. Even then as I was looking around me on the campus I felt as I had been gifted to be there for a purpose that would one day be fulfilled by God.
I had just turned 18 years old and came to this university with a pillowcase full of the only clothes that I possessed because the monies that I had earned and saved that summer. Before departing for Baylor, our mother, Hilda, was already sick. She could barely get off the bed. I did not wish to leave for the university, but to stay at home and be with her. However, she made me promise that I would go to the university and become the man that she has brought into this world. I took every cent that I had saved and gave it to her. She made me keep $5.00 since I was getting ready to hitchhike all the way from Corpus Christi, Texas to Waco, Texas which is close to 400 miles.
It took me one whole day. I arrived at the outskirts of Waco at midnight and walked the rest of the way to the Baylor University campus carrying the only personal property in my entire life in a pillowcase, but I never stopped being positive, as I was determined to be the best knowing that God had given me a chance to make history in this world. Most importantly I had made a promise to our mother, Hilda, that I would become the man that she had brought into this world -- a gift to her from God.
Your father came into my dream world and said that God gave me this insight tonight so that I would never forget that my entire life has been a struggle but that I have been able to overcome every hard struggle in my life and that soon I would also be able to overcome this unjust and unlawful incarceration handed as punishment to me by man and not by God.