Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Oldest Brother, Rudy, Jr.

Last night my brother Rudy, Jr. and I embraced and cried together, especially when I was reminding him of how he dropped out of school to work, so that I could have

the best clothes to wear and to be able to play football instead of working after school in the way that our father had demanded. I became the football star because of my brother Rudy, Jr. He sacrificed his life for me and now I am going to sacrifice my life for him and for Mom.

For such a long time Rudy, Jr. has been waiting to come forward and only God knows why the time has come now. He shares that he could feel my pain and suffering like never ever before in his life and in my life and at times when I was in solitary confinement he could hear me cry out for our mother Hilda and him like never ever before and he knew that the day would be soon when he would be able to come and embrace me and love me like we use to when we were together as brothers and family. Irma, I could feel his embrace and I could feel as if he was crying for some time and at the same time

I could feel his strength and courage as my brother. He would give everything that he had, so that I could succeed in life for he would even fight for me if someone would say anything negative about me - in his heart he would always say that I was destined to be a great Mexicano in our history - our mother Hilda and our brother Rudy had me spoiled like you have no idea and when he died, I could not stop crying for days and nights. As you well know, our Mother Hilda never recovered from his death because of the love that he had in his heart and soul and now he has returned like you have no idea and he says that he is ready and that God is ready. He admires the fact and the right that I have in loving Mom just as I would love our mother Hilda and he will be there for Mom also because he says that she is full of love and many refuse to see that and one day they will be judged in God's court. I love you very much and as you can tell I am in the

life and hands of God almighty and everything is coming and getting so clear that it is unreal. I do not even know how and why I sleep because I am constantly in a spiritual transformation and they all say that our lives have just begun.


Your father cannot wait to come and visit those that doubt his words of wisdom. He says, “I dare them.”

Dearest Husband:
It is only right that you and your brother exchange the love that you have shared for many years. It still amazes me that in heaven they feel our sadness as well as the happiness that we feel here on earth. Now we know!

There must be different levels of abilities in heaven and your brother is now with you like never before. No wonder you feel the way that you do! We have a powerful brother and spiritual advocate with us. As I write these words I cannot help but cry, because I need to know that you are surrounded by love for all that you have experienced in your life.God is providing this.

How beautiful it is to hear that he too will be here for mom. Love is a powerful protector and it gives us all the reason to endure this challenging yet awesome life given to us by God.
I wish you a most beautiful day today. Know that I love you with all my heart, and I thank
God for allowing the presence of our loving mother, Hilda, and loving brother, Rudy, Jr.

With all my love,

Monday, May 14, 2012

I Was With All the Spirits Who Are in Heaven

It is now 3:00 p.m. and I have experienced the heaviest spiritual transformation ever in my life. To be honest with you, I did not think that I was coming back. It was that heavy but the messages were very heavy and you cannot imagine how I feel. I know in my heart it will be only a matter of time before you and I will be free, because as long as I am confined, subconsciously your mind and body will also be confined. I am still in amazement because I was able to communicate very heavy with your father and our mother Hilda like never ever before. The officer had to go and wake me up and he stated that it took about two minutes for me to come out my wandering into space as he called it.

Right now I am inside the unit getting ready to count and will be lockdown for about an hour but I continue to feel very strange and at the same time so strong and powerful that it is unreal. I feel as if God has chosen me and the family for what the world needs to see with their hearts and souls. I have never felt so in love with you and I would be willing to give my life for you to be happy and content. You are going to witness and be with a completely different man ever. I promise you that. Everyone here wishes to know the secret to my looking so young and I tell them that it is love, love, love, and more love like never ever before. Whenever you have time tomorrow please do not forget to wire the monies to me for I will be going to the store on Wednesday morning. I definitely wish to buy some photo tickets for the visit for our visit is going to be extremely historical like never ever before. Remember me. I will give the names of the attorneys later for there is no rush. I promise you that.

I was in heaven this afternoon and I was with all the spirits who are in Heaven. Is that heavy or what.



Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother, Hilda, Will Be With Me Tonight

There is no question in my heart and mind that our Mother Hilda will be with me tonight. During my prayers and meditation I kept going back to her time and time again, as if she was actually preparing for the most fruitful and spiritual night ever.

She always reminds me that I suffered a lot when she passed. I was there next to her when she died, and she made me promise that I would not cry, and that I would stand tall in front of her body so that everyone could witness the son that she had brought into this world stating that we as a family had just begun to make history in this world and on this earth like never ever before. I was pouring out my tears and she spoke so closely to my face that to this day I can still feel her presence. She was and is such a beautiful woman and mother like no other on this earth.

Irma, how do you think I felt then and how do you think I feel at this very minute and second knowing that the greatest most powerful and profound love of my life was getting ready to go into heaven and serve God? I cried and cried and cried. She would hold me close to her and she would tell me again and again, “Ramsey, my dearest son, please promise me you will not cry in front of anyone. Let them see and know the man that you are and are going to be in this world to be admired one day in its history.” When she finally passed, I held her in my arms for the longest time and did not want to let go asI cried and cried. I would yell out loud and scream as loud as i could because i knew that soon I was not going to cry anymore.

As I stood next to her coffin, many came by to pay their respects and would break down like you have no idea. All my brothers would be crying and screaming and I would just stand there next to her because I had made a promise to her. I was her strongest son ever, and the world would begin from that day forward to speak about how strong and brave that son of hers was and continues to be. Yes, as I share these words of spiritually like never before, tears are pouring down my face like you have no idea, and I can feel the essence of our Mother, Hilda all around me right now.

I already know in my heart and soul that she is going to share that she wants for me to give all of my love and life to Mom. My mother is there with her and will not ever part from her because Mom has loved me like a son and as a family member from the first time that you mentioned me to her.

This will be one of our best Mother's Day ever and this is only the beginning of our lives like never ever. I know you feel what I feel because of the love that we possess. Take care of Mom because our Mother, Hilda is taking care of you for she loves you dearly. Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, we are in the process of recreating history and your father states that he is the one that is creating - I love that! 



We cannot ever be defeated, because we believe and we love God, Jesus Christ, and La Virgin de Guadalupe who are with us all the time. I know that you can feel the life and the love in my heart.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love for Irma, my Mother-in-Law 2012

All indications are that I will eventually be celebrating Mother's day with our Mother, Hilda, and our grandmother, Rosa, and my most loving God-sent mother, Benita. You know that I will be getting ready for Saturday night since Mother's Day is on Sunday. This all came about because I do not stop speaking and advocating that Mom is the most wonderful and most powerful mother and woman that I have ever known in my entire life. There is so much to learn from her and sometimes we are missing it all because we go on an "American trip" that she is too old and does not know what she speaks about or desires at this time, when in reality she is at her prime because God has given her the gift of staying alive, enabling her to be with us so that she can give us more like never ever before. I would give my life right now to be able to  embrace her and tell her that I love her very much and that I am grateful for bringing the Ramos/Alvarez family into the world. It is because of her and your father that we are actually creating history like never ever before and your mother, Irma, is the prinicpal of that history. There are millions and millions of families but very few have been chosen by God to bring  pride, discipline, faith, hope, spirituality, and love, love, love, and more love like the world has never ever known.


No Bad Feelings Toward Others

I do not feel any hate or wishful thinking that life goes bad for those that have decided to let me die here in the prisons of America... In fact, there is no question in my mind and soul that the spirits who are in heaven, especially your father, Salvador, and my  Mother, Hilda, will not let me have hate or jealousy or lack of forgiveness in my heart and soul. They state that it is for these reasons that I have a lot of life in me, as if I was born all over again, and that now in this life, I must struggle and fight for our freedom because like never ever before we have come to engulf into our hearts that very truth that freedom is a gift from God and that God wishes for us to fight with all the energies and intelligence that we have in order to bring that gift back into our lives. Yes, always remember that freedom is a gift from God and that everything that we try to do and speak about and write about is all going too come true and it is going to happen because we are seeking that gift that God gave to us from the time of our birth.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

God Blessed Me Because of my Continuous Suffering

My intentions were to wait until we visited and in person but every minute and second all I think about is last night and the message your father shared with me at the conclusion of the night.  He states that because of continuous suffering and pain like no other human at this time God has bestowed a blessing upon my heart and soul like I have no idea and for those reasons I keep sharing with you that i feel like a brand new kid that just came into this world and life. He states that God, Jesus Christ, La Virgin de Guadalupe and all our spirits are coming forth like never ever before not only so that I can be free but most importantly so that the entire family can be free and that it is time for me to get close to Mom and to embrace her and to be next to her at all times (I told you in previous messages that there were certain feelings in my heart and soul about Mom and our Mother Hilda kept confirming those feelings).  He stated that those who embrace you and seek your love will know immediately the feelings of God and the power of spirituality for soon the entire world is going to know about how you were chained and shackled and at times naked in the cold dark dungeons that were finally shut down because of inhumane cruel and unusual punishment, and that I survived that for three years and came out seeking God, Jesus Christ, La Virgin de Guadalupe and our spirits who could not come to me at that time because God wanted for me to be what He was seeking in this world. Your father states that I have so much love in my heart that those who come close to me will immediately know that I have been blessed like never ever before. I love you very much and I know that we will be successful in everything that we do in order to bring about not only my freedom but the freedom of Mom and the freedom of the family like never ever before.



Dearest Husband:

Thank you for sharing such encouraging words that have been revealed by our father who resides in heaven.  His message of God’s blessing provides consolation for me, and I have no doubt that you feel the same. I need to learn to trust God with all my heart, for He is in control and He has been with us throughout the journey that we continue to take.

It’s not just God that remains with us. Those who are closest to Him as well as our holy loved ones are allowed to be with us as well. I consider this a blessing beyond words that only you will know. You were chosen to have Jesus Christ, La Virgen de Guadalupe help us find the way to becoming a whole family once again. Our father, Salvador, and our mothers, Hilda, Rosa, and Benita will be with us as they have always been. They will be with us forever and I am humble to have the love of heaven around us.

I needed this consoling message, because I have felt a sense of urgency to free you from your imprisonment, yet I feel helpless. I need God’s help and He will make it happen if we continue to move forward in faith and love.

I know that people who embrace you will immediately sense the feelings of God because I feel it every time that I am with you. It takes me a while to become familiar with you again, and once I do there is no question in my mind about the man that I have been blessed to have in my life.

If God wanted for you to be what He was seeking in this world, there is no question in my mind that you have proven to be this and so much more. It is for this reason that you have been blessed like no other.

I thank God for the miracle of having you in my life.

Your loving wife,

Friday, May 4, 2012

Importance of Cinco de Mayo

With the chains and shackles of solitary confinement, barely able to hold a pen, he would express his heart to humanity.  We ask why they have given Ramsey a death sentence when he has never taken another person’s life.

   “History, culture, and freedom are the most important spiritual gifts from God.”

                                                     Cinco De Mayo

For the last 20 years of my life I have been incarcerated in the federal prisons of America. Every year of my imprisonment, on Cinco de Mayo, I feel  in my “corazon” that it is my ultimate destiny to share with the world the historical importance of Cinco de Mayo as it relates to our lives in the past, the present, and the future of those who will one day read these words that come with pain, suffering, and imprisonment.

This historical day is one of many events in the history of our people as we came into existence not only in Mexico, but throughout the world. Historians have written many volumes and have shared accounts of how we became the people that we are this very day. That is why it is stated that people that have no knowledge of their history will forever be in a mode of oppression, discrimination, and will forever suffer injustice.

On the morning of May 5th, which is known throughout the world as Cinco De Mayo, the French army ran into resistance by unexpected valiant Mexican troops at Guadalupe Hill -- a name that I consider spiritual. It was just outside of Puebla, Mexico.  The majority of our Mexican troops, under the command of General Ignacio Zaragoza and Porfirio Diaz, were brave barefooted indigenous people from the Zacapoaxtla Sierra. They held the day, and forced the French to pull back to Cordoba and Orizaba. This famous battle of Puebla came to be our celebrated Cinco de Mayo.

The last French troops were driven out of Mexico City, Tenochtitlan, on April of 1867. On this very day of remembrance we share the same spiritual, cultural power that our heroes maintained. They rose with such pride and dignity into the region of Huitzilopochtli, god of war/sun, with their spiritual force of will and power that overcame the impossible and conquered all barriers.

As we celebrate this most spiritual, cultural, political day in history, we must continue with the same pride, dignity, courage, and respect that must be given not only to us here in America, but to our sisters and brothers in Mexico who set an example for others who seek justice and liberation.

Even tonight, as I share these words of spiritual wisdom that come from the depths of my heart, my body and soul are confined in this 6 x 9 cell. But I stand before you accepting the sorrow, sadness, grief, sacrifice, and death of our ancestors on Cinco de Mayo, a day of remembrance. For the last 20 years of this oppressive unjust confinement, I too stand in the center of all of God’s creation, just as our past ancestors and heroes did.

I remain balanced in mind, body, and soul in who I am and have always been. On this day of celebration, I gaze into the sixth sun of consciousness, as I have awakened from that strange nightmare of ill movements to the self-realization and acceptance of our spirituality that made Cinco de Mayo historical.  

We continue the process of recreating another page of history today, tomorrow, and in our future. It is written that one day soon I shall be free once again and together we shall all celebrate this day of remembrance.

Tu hermano,

Ramsey Muñiz