Saturday, November 3, 2012

We Must Return to and Love That Which Created Us – Our Mothers

My mind and my heart is going one hundred miles per hour. For moments my mind and its thoughts and ideas are all here in earth, and then immediately it begins to travel with our spirits who are in heaven. I go over every word that they utter to me during our conversations. The love of a mother is the most powerful love of all, for she was the creation to be the creation of humanity. Even in our ancient history and cultura, I would be amazed with the writings of our ancient gods who were so proud of mothers. The  respect and love for mothers was beyond words, and to be disrespectful to one's mother would be the greatest sin that one would commit on this earth. It was like that for the longest time and that is the reason that we continue to exist as one of the greatest races ever on this earth. Eventually after destruction we hated each other. Now all of this has changed, and it is continuing to change every day of our lives.


La Virgin de Guadalupe will be coming back so strong that many are going to begin to state that they have seen and have witnessed the appearance of La Virgin and that appearance is all because her message is that we must return to and love that which created us from the beginning - our mothers.


Give my love to Mom and tell her that I thank her for the life that she had given and sacrificed.




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