Monday, February 9, 2015

Grandmother Rosa and I Prayed for the Healing of Others

Grandmother Rosa was and continues to be God's spiritual healer. I say spiritual because I was so young, yet old enough to understand, stare into her face, and feel her heart when she was asked to heal the sick in the neighborhood. She would prepare her remedies and I was always the one that she would take. I carried her medical bag and she would make sure that I witnessed every step that she took in preparing and giving the healing remedies. Afterwards I would kneel next to her and she would begin praying for a great amount of time. She would tell the patient that my innocence as a child had been God-sent for his/her recovery. Grandmother Rosa would ask me to hold my two hands on the forehead of the person who was ill, and ask God to heal him/her, and I prayed. Now Grandmother Rosa is healing me and praying with me. In my spiritual dreams she prays right beside me. I am not the same man that they unlawfully imprisoned 21 years ago. My experiences with my grandmother, Rosa, have brought my childhood memories back, helping me remember that that I was spiritually blessed from the time of my youth.


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