Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jesus Christ is With Me

Jesus Christ is With Me

How can i not ever forget the words of my loving brother Jesus Christ when they had him in the dungeons of the old times beating Him, starving Him, and constantly telling Him that He was going to die and for what? Where was everyone who was supposed to be by HIs side?  God Almighty came into that darkness and embraced Him and shared with Him that because of His suffering and because of His having to carry and endure the cross of freedom, justice, and love for all humanity throughout history and for the masses of humanity,  that He had to be strong. He had to believe in God almighty and believe in Himself so that humanity could believe in themselves forever in the world to come.

Jesus Christ is with me. His desire is that I constantly ask the world know not to let me die in the oppressive prisons of America, and to let me carry this cross which I bear in my heart and soul so that I can share with humanity that love that conquers all hearts and souls.

Amor, TEZ

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