Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spirits Begged God to Let Them Enter into the Mode of Darkness

Our father constantly makes the statements that the only reason that I survived those three years in that dark cold oppressive dungeon at times chained, shackled, and naked, was because I believe in God, In my brother Jesus Christ, and in La Virgin de Guadalupe. I used to pray to all our spirits who were at the time begging God to let them come into the mode of darkness that I was experiencing but that God stated that I must overcome and become the man that He had chosen.

Amor, TEZ

Dearest Husband:

There is a startling revelation from your holy communications with the spirit world. They feel sorrow in their world. I say this because I went to Catholic school. I had been taught that once a spirit passes into the heavens the spirit is unaware of the suffering on earth. Now I know of a different perspective which I believe and will share with others.

All my love,


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  1. Ramsey, on this Father's Day, I wish you FREEDOM AND JOY! ¡Adelante, y no te aguites!

    I read through your blogs, and am impressed by your spirituality. May God's Spirit help you deepen your love for God and neighbor.

    May the right time for full freedom in your life be soon upon you.
    P. Juan Romero - Califas