Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Love of Our Mothers

My mother, Hilda, was most powerful and profound this afternoon like never ever before.  She stated that regardless of how much I have suffered and continue to suffer, I must just take the time and pray for her. She will come into my soul and give me all the love and the strength that a mother would give her children.
She states that many will be joining our journey in seeking our freedom because after so many years we have never admitted defeat and that the reason why we continue to become stronger, not only among ourselves. Many others will begin joining our cause for freedom and justice like never ever before.
My mother continues to admire me as her son because my primary objective is to move closer to mom and the family.  Our mother, Irma, is the key to our freedom and she must know that over and over again. Her love, prayers, courage, and will to stay alive is most important in our lives until God decides otherwise. God wishes for mom to be with us when I become a free man once again.

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