Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nelson Mandela Was Chosen by God

Today I dedicated my prayers and meditation to the life of my beloved brother in struggle, Nelson Mandela. When I first heard him speak and read his words about freedom, justice, equality, pride, discipline, dignity, and love, I knew that Nelson Mandela had been chosen by God. From the time of his birth to this very day he strives to survive having dedicated his life to freedom, justice, and love.

I can feel the love that comes from his heart to this day, because it is the same love that I feel for humanity.  It is about freedom, justice, and love, and I know that these qualities in life will come about because they are gifts from God bestowed from the time of our creation.  They can never be denied for they are given only by God.

I pray for Nelson Mandela, and I thank God for freedom, justice, and love – qualities for which he suffered and gave his life.


Ramsey Muniz



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