Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"In remembrance of the life and the death and the rebirth of Jesus Christ"
"It was Mary Magdalene to whom Jesus appeared first after the resurrection. It was she, whom Jesus loved the most, and in whom He entrusted his deepest secrets which not even the disciples were privy to.  Yes, she rallied the doubters, the scared, the deniers.  It is no accident that Ramsey's wife , Irma, It is no accident that Ramsey's wife, Irma, has suffered all these years along with her husband, for she knows him like no one else does, and has worked incessantly in his behalf. 

Ramsey said to me that he now understands the agony of the Christ on the Cross, an agony that is so profound that it pierces the heart of the soul.  From the dark dungeons of America Ramsey has come to understand why Jesus himself felt totally abandoned on the Cross.  But through loneliness and suffering, he says, Christ became a pure man, a man of spiritual strength, to which I added that perhaps that is the reason why we can also see Jesus' divinity in the strength of his humanity made pure through the holiness of suffering and sacrifice.  But just as Jesus forgave those who abandoned him or did him wrong, Ramsey likewise forgives those who accused him of a crime he did not commit." 

Ramsey and his family have continued to suffer unjustly for the last 20 years.  

Raul Garcia
Lamar University

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