Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christ Knew that He Would Suffer Like No Other Human Being

"Power that does not address injustice, oppression and cruel imprisonment in society is not based on a
good or true concept of God.  Power corrupts when it does not have a good and true concept of God. St. Paul reminds us that we can have all the faith and hope in the world, but without love we have nothing. Love makes our concept of God pure."   Dr. Salvador Alvarez

Whenever I begin to have doubts in my mind or heart about freedom ever coming into my life, I immediately begin to pray to my most beloved brother Jesus Christ and I ask Him to please come into my heart and soul and lift me from this mode of oppressive darkness in which I have lived and continue to survive by any means necessary. Even when I think of those who have refused to give me a drink of water for my thirst or a piece of bread for my hunger, I immediately turn to our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, and I will not forget how He knew in His heart that He was going to suffer like no other human being in the history of this earth. He shared with His disciples and followers that they were to deny Him and not even come to seek His freedom or alleviate His hunger, thirst, painful torture, and beatings before carrying His cross. He wore a crown of thorns pushed into His temples. When He reached the top of the hill, he was stripped, and nailed alive to the cross. He hung with all the strength left in His heart and soul, stared into heaven, and said to God, "Forgive them for they do not know what they do." 

It is through the cross of our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, that I have forgiveness for those who refused to ask if I have remained alive or not after 20 years of oppressive suffering in the prisons of America. It is this pain and suffering through chains and shackles, at times in complete darkness, that have given me the strength, courage, pride, and spirituality to seek my freedom and the freedom of humanity that has been oppressed for long periods of time throughout history.

I feel the essence of freedom in my heart and soul and it gives me life. Every day I feel younger and younger and younger, for I know in my heart that God has a mission for me in today’s world, and I intend to fulfill that spiritual mission for all.


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