Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I love you very much and Valentine's Day has nothing compared to the love that we have in our hearts. Our love knows about suffering, about pain, about darkness, about sadness, about almost dying, about sorrow, about imprisonment, and yes, it is the most powerful love on this earth.
Many wish they knew the essence and the true power of love. They go their entire lives without ever realizing truth, respect, and the spiritual power of love. If love is not spiritual in nature, something will happen, making the element that one called love a reality of no love at all.

It could have been a physical attraction or a love based on personal physical possessions such as money. The love may have been only a sexual encounter between two human beings, which is not love.

The love between us is so powerful that I have to force myself to eat, to sleep and to rest otherwise I could go on 24 hours a day without ever getting tired or fatigue all because of that love in my heart, soul and body.

Ramsey (TEZ)

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