Wednesday, April 18, 2012

God and the Spirits Know That I Am in Constant Prayer and Meditation

Even your father agrees that it will be God who will free us one day soon but that we must do what has to be done to carry out the word and the truth of God and the gifts that He gave to us from the time of our creation as humans on this earth - freedom, justice, equality, and love, love, love, and more love. All the spirits know that it is not what Ramsey thinks or wishes to do and that it will get done because God and the spirits know that I am in constant prayer and meditation asking for guidance and for the intelligence that they wish to bring forth into my mind and heart.
I am in total agreement with my brother in Eagle Pass that it is all in the hands and in the heart of God. I knew that especially when I was chained and shackled and naked for days, weeks, and months and had no communication at all with the outside world. I never gave up praying and meditating and asking God to please give me the strength and the courage to overcome those hard oppressive and cruel days and months of my life. It was then that in my mind and in my heart I could hear the words of my brother Jesus Christ for me to rise from my knees and to overcome all the oppression and brutal treatment and to let the oppressor know that instead of becoming weak and fragile it was time for me to demonstrate courage, faith, pride, and spirituality like never before in my life. I stood up and I looked up and I said as loud as I could , " Thank you God!” So now a day does not go by that I do not do what has to be done in order for us to take our freedom back and the more I pray, the stronger that I become. I thank my brother from Eagle Pass for his prayers.


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