Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Most Powerful Transformation

April 18, 2012

The calling was so powerful and strong that it didn't even take me more than fifteen minutes to flow into my spiritual transformation and it was so strong that afterwards it took me time to realize that I was confined in this institution of the oppressor. The messages were very heavy and the spirits are all in agreement that I am becoming such a strong spiritual messenger that soon the doors to liberation will be open not only for me for those who are seeking love and peace in their hearts and souls. They are in agreement with me that the time has come after 20 years of such suffering and pain for the world to know and not be silent anymore - that the suffering and pain does not go away and that it is constantly there when they shut my doors and locking me in as if I was an animal and should not even be here to begin  with that the biggest injustice committed against any human in this present history of humanity. They share with me that anyone else like those that begin their sentences when I was in Leavenworth who recently passed away and those that had to be confined in the house of insanity because their minds could not take the incarceration anymore and here I am getting stronger and stronger and stronger in every phases of life including the openness of my heart and soul and to find forgiveness to this oppressor after what he has done to my life and to the lives of my family. The spirits who  are in Heaven give me such love and tenderness and when they embrace me I can feel as if i was born all over again and

I am full of love and wisdom and knowledge and intelligence like you have no idea.  Words cannot truly be found to describe how I feel inside my heart and soul it is that powerful spiritually. The time has come for the world to know about my 20 years of such drastic suffering, pain, sorrow, and the chains and shackles that sometimes I get up and jump from my bunk thinking that i have those chains and shackles attached to my body and i find myself in a cold sweat. It is then I begin to cry like a child and I thank God and my brother Jesus Christ for letting me live such cruel and brutal conditions that not even an animal could have survived. Sometimes at night I would leave the crumbs of food on the floor so that the rats that came into the cell would eat the crumbs and not bit on me but they would come out every night and I lived through that for three years of my life. Now you know how I feel in my heart and soul for your love and for your kindness

because if you would not have been there i would not have survived. You must know that because the spirits wish for you to know that and to take that to the Altar at church and at the Altar at the house and thank God for keeping me alive knowing that we are getting ready to make history once more in this world and that history will be about love, about Mom, about the family, and about you fighting for our freedom like no other woman on this earth - you were destined and chosen by God without even knowing so.

Amor, TEZ 

I have just begun to live like never ever before. I am in love with you like never ever before in my entire life. Give my love to Mom and Norma they will never recognize me again.

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