Friday, April 13, 2012

Freedom, Justice, and Love are Gifts From God

In my heart and soul I already know that it will be a very heavy spiritual night and that after we communicate I will sleep like a child as if it was meant for me . Your father was in total agreement that we should begin to always think positive not only about ourselves but about our struggle for our freedom - not only my freedom but he states that it is also your freedom and the freedom of the Ramos/Alvarez family because he knows that certain members of the family pray at night for me and that one day I will be free and with the family once more. He states that there is no reason thatwe should even have the elements of negativity around us or within us because the injustices and the oppression and the chains and shackles have all been experienced by me for no human reason at all they did it just to punish me and break my spirits but instead God sent  Jesus Christ, my brother into that dungeon and He gave me such strength and willingness and I was always thinking positive that the oppressor finally realized that instead of breaking me I was breaking them with my spiritual feelings and love in my heart and soul. Your father asked me to share with you and tell you that you have every reason on earth and in Heaven to walk with your head up high and don't ever let anyone look down because you have proven to God and all the spirits that what you are seeking - freedom, justice, and love, are all gifts from God and that God has chosen you to be with Him forever and ever.

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