Saturday, May 12, 2012

No Bad Feelings Toward Others

I do not feel any hate or wishful thinking that life goes bad for those that have decided to let me die here in the prisons of America... In fact, there is no question in my mind and soul that the spirits who are in heaven, especially your father, Salvador, and my  Mother, Hilda, will not let me have hate or jealousy or lack of forgiveness in my heart and soul. They state that it is for these reasons that I have a lot of life in me, as if I was born all over again, and that now in this life, I must struggle and fight for our freedom because like never ever before we have come to engulf into our hearts that very truth that freedom is a gift from God and that God wishes for us to fight with all the energies and intelligence that we have in order to bring that gift back into our lives. Yes, always remember that freedom is a gift from God and that everything that we try to do and speak about and write about is all going too come true and it is going to happen because we are seeking that gift that God gave to us from the time of our birth.


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