Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Oldest Brother, Rudy, Jr.

Last night my brother Rudy, Jr. and I embraced and cried together, especially when I was reminding him of how he dropped out of school to work, so that I could have

the best clothes to wear and to be able to play football instead of working after school in the way that our father had demanded. I became the football star because of my brother Rudy, Jr. He sacrificed his life for me and now I am going to sacrifice my life for him and for Mom.

For such a long time Rudy, Jr. has been waiting to come forward and only God knows why the time has come now. He shares that he could feel my pain and suffering like never ever before in his life and in my life and at times when I was in solitary confinement he could hear me cry out for our mother Hilda and him like never ever before and he knew that the day would be soon when he would be able to come and embrace me and love me like we use to when we were together as brothers and family. Irma, I could feel his embrace and I could feel as if he was crying for some time and at the same time

I could feel his strength and courage as my brother. He would give everything that he had, so that I could succeed in life for he would even fight for me if someone would say anything negative about me - in his heart he would always say that I was destined to be a great Mexicano in our history - our mother Hilda and our brother Rudy had me spoiled like you have no idea and when he died, I could not stop crying for days and nights. As you well know, our Mother Hilda never recovered from his death because of the love that he had in his heart and soul and now he has returned like you have no idea and he says that he is ready and that God is ready. He admires the fact and the right that I have in loving Mom just as I would love our mother Hilda and he will be there for Mom also because he says that she is full of love and many refuse to see that and one day they will be judged in God's court. I love you very much and as you can tell I am in the

life and hands of God almighty and everything is coming and getting so clear that it is unreal. I do not even know how and why I sleep because I am constantly in a spiritual transformation and they all say that our lives have just begun.


Your father cannot wait to come and visit those that doubt his words of wisdom. He says, “I dare them.”

Dearest Husband:
It is only right that you and your brother exchange the love that you have shared for many years. It still amazes me that in heaven they feel our sadness as well as the happiness that we feel here on earth. Now we know!

There must be different levels of abilities in heaven and your brother is now with you like never before. No wonder you feel the way that you do! We have a powerful brother and spiritual advocate with us. As I write these words I cannot help but cry, because I need to know that you are surrounded by love for all that you have experienced in your life.God is providing this.

How beautiful it is to hear that he too will be here for mom. Love is a powerful protector and it gives us all the reason to endure this challenging yet awesome life given to us by God.
I wish you a most beautiful day today. Know that I love you with all my heart, and I thank
God for allowing the presence of our loving mother, Hilda, and loving brother, Rudy, Jr.

With all my love,

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