Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love for Irma, my Mother-in-Law 2012

All indications are that I will eventually be celebrating Mother's day with our Mother, Hilda, and our grandmother, Rosa, and my most loving God-sent mother, Benita. You know that I will be getting ready for Saturday night since Mother's Day is on Sunday. This all came about because I do not stop speaking and advocating that Mom is the most wonderful and most powerful mother and woman that I have ever known in my entire life. There is so much to learn from her and sometimes we are missing it all because we go on an "American trip" that she is too old and does not know what she speaks about or desires at this time, when in reality she is at her prime because God has given her the gift of staying alive, enabling her to be with us so that she can give us more like never ever before. I would give my life right now to be able to  embrace her and tell her that I love her very much and that I am grateful for bringing the Ramos/Alvarez family into the world. It is because of her and your father that we are actually creating history like never ever before and your mother, Irma, is the prinicpal of that history. There are millions and millions of families but very few have been chosen by God to bring  pride, discipline, faith, hope, spirituality, and love, love, love, and more love like the world has never ever known.


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