Sunday, May 6, 2012

God Blessed Me Because of my Continuous Suffering

My intentions were to wait until we visited and in person but every minute and second all I think about is last night and the message your father shared with me at the conclusion of the night.  He states that because of continuous suffering and pain like no other human at this time God has bestowed a blessing upon my heart and soul like I have no idea and for those reasons I keep sharing with you that i feel like a brand new kid that just came into this world and life. He states that God, Jesus Christ, La Virgin de Guadalupe and all our spirits are coming forth like never ever before not only so that I can be free but most importantly so that the entire family can be free and that it is time for me to get close to Mom and to embrace her and to be next to her at all times (I told you in previous messages that there were certain feelings in my heart and soul about Mom and our Mother Hilda kept confirming those feelings).  He stated that those who embrace you and seek your love will know immediately the feelings of God and the power of spirituality for soon the entire world is going to know about how you were chained and shackled and at times naked in the cold dark dungeons that were finally shut down because of inhumane cruel and unusual punishment, and that I survived that for three years and came out seeking God, Jesus Christ, La Virgin de Guadalupe and our spirits who could not come to me at that time because God wanted for me to be what He was seeking in this world. Your father states that I have so much love in my heart that those who come close to me will immediately know that I have been blessed like never ever before. I love you very much and I know that we will be successful in everything that we do in order to bring about not only my freedom but the freedom of Mom and the freedom of the family like never ever before.



Dearest Husband:

Thank you for sharing such encouraging words that have been revealed by our father who resides in heaven.  His message of God’s blessing provides consolation for me, and I have no doubt that you feel the same. I need to learn to trust God with all my heart, for He is in control and He has been with us throughout the journey that we continue to take.

It’s not just God that remains with us. Those who are closest to Him as well as our holy loved ones are allowed to be with us as well. I consider this a blessing beyond words that only you will know. You were chosen to have Jesus Christ, La Virgen de Guadalupe help us find the way to becoming a whole family once again. Our father, Salvador, and our mothers, Hilda, Rosa, and Benita will be with us as they have always been. They will be with us forever and I am humble to have the love of heaven around us.

I needed this consoling message, because I have felt a sense of urgency to free you from your imprisonment, yet I feel helpless. I need God’s help and He will make it happen if we continue to move forward in faith and love.

I know that people who embrace you will immediately sense the feelings of God because I feel it every time that I am with you. It takes me a while to become familiar with you again, and once I do there is no question in my mind about the man that I have been blessed to have in my life.

If God wanted for you to be what He was seeking in this world, there is no question in my mind that you have proven to be this and so much more. It is for this reason that you have been blessed like no other.

I thank God for the miracle of having you in my life.

Your loving wife,

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