Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother, Hilda, Will Be With Me Tonight

There is no question in my heart and mind that our Mother Hilda will be with me tonight. During my prayers and meditation I kept going back to her time and time again, as if she was actually preparing for the most fruitful and spiritual night ever.

She always reminds me that I suffered a lot when she passed. I was there next to her when she died, and she made me promise that I would not cry, and that I would stand tall in front of her body so that everyone could witness the son that she had brought into this world stating that we as a family had just begun to make history in this world and on this earth like never ever before. I was pouring out my tears and she spoke so closely to my face that to this day I can still feel her presence. She was and is such a beautiful woman and mother like no other on this earth.

Irma, how do you think I felt then and how do you think I feel at this very minute and second knowing that the greatest most powerful and profound love of my life was getting ready to go into heaven and serve God? I cried and cried and cried. She would hold me close to her and she would tell me again and again, “Ramsey, my dearest son, please promise me you will not cry in front of anyone. Let them see and know the man that you are and are going to be in this world to be admired one day in its history.” When she finally passed, I held her in my arms for the longest time and did not want to let go asI cried and cried. I would yell out loud and scream as loud as i could because i knew that soon I was not going to cry anymore.

As I stood next to her coffin, many came by to pay their respects and would break down like you have no idea. All my brothers would be crying and screaming and I would just stand there next to her because I had made a promise to her. I was her strongest son ever, and the world would begin from that day forward to speak about how strong and brave that son of hers was and continues to be. Yes, as I share these words of spiritually like never before, tears are pouring down my face like you have no idea, and I can feel the essence of our Mother, Hilda all around me right now.

I already know in my heart and soul that she is going to share that she wants for me to give all of my love and life to Mom. My mother is there with her and will not ever part from her because Mom has loved me like a son and as a family member from the first time that you mentioned me to her.

This will be one of our best Mother's Day ever and this is only the beginning of our lives like never ever. I know you feel what I feel because of the love that we possess. Take care of Mom because our Mother, Hilda is taking care of you for she loves you dearly. Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, we are in the process of recreating history and your father states that he is the one that is creating - I love that! 



We cannot ever be defeated, because we believe and we love God, Jesus Christ, and La Virgin de Guadalupe who are with us all the time. I know that you can feel the life and the love in my heart.

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