Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It Was Political Consciousness

Our father, who presently resides in heaven, said to me that from the very beginning of what we were attempting to do was not to have Hispanics, Latinos, Mexican-Americans, and Chicanos hate the existing political parties in the United States of America. Some used the platform to advocate racism and even hate during a time in which we tried to bring about a political impact in this country.

He stated that what I was subconsciously doing, without knowing that I was guided by God, was bringing forth the power of "divine spiritual and cultural consciousness." Without my knowing it, the political consciousness was felt by Hispanics and Latinos who eventually had children that attended colleges and universities. They became the voters that made it possible for Obama to become president. It was so much about political consciousness that even they did not know why they had become so involved in the world of politics, wondering how now we would become a powerful political force.

It was because of a young man who had a destiny and dream, stating that one day we were going to determine who the next president of the United States of America was going to be. This happened forty years later after my prediction. It was my destiny in life, and as our father has stated, “Your life has just begun.“



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