Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Message From Ramsey

Merry Christmas and a most profound, spiritual, and free New Year! At Christmas I recall scriptures during the time that Jesus Christ was baptized by John.  He came straight way out of the water, and it is written that a voice from heaven said, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." 

Even after 20 years of such cruel and harsh oppressive imprisonment, at times confined in the dungeons of Leavenworth, I never lost the faith or reason for my existence through Jesus Christ. Since the time of my childhood, through my teenage years, and later in life, it has amazed me that God would forsake His own Son for the sake of bringing spirituality, peace, faith and love to the world and all humanity.

As I grew older in life, I experienced discrimination and racial opposition and witnessed many who could not defend themselves because they had no voice in their lives and communities. As I witnessed this, I recalled the life of our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, who through His experiences, actions, and crucifixion defended freedom, justice, and love. I continued to reflect on God’s words, "This is my beloved Son."

Even though it has been hundreds of years, the same injustices, discrimination, and cruel and unusual punishment exist in this 21st century. I knew that if I believed in the life, words, and experiences of Jesus Christ, that God would always be with me and my family.  To this very day and moment I have sought in my life and in the lives of others, the same freedom, justice, and love that Jesus Christ sought for the masses of humanity.

As we celebrate the birth of our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, I see the horizons of freedom, justice, and love like never ever before. Twenty years is a long time for pain, suffering, darkness, and sorrow when it involves chains and shackles for days, weeks and months. The history of mankind, however, teaches us freedom, justice, and love never come without suffering and pain. That is the way it is.

With love, pride, and dignity, I take this time to wish all of you a most profound and beautiful Christmas – a day that was meant to be celebrated. Believe me, I am celebrating because in my heart and soul I am a free man!

Merry Christmas and thank all of you who have come into this mode of darkness to bring the enlightenment of life and joy. I know in my heart that God will open the hearts and souls of many more to come forth and seek my freedom!


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