Monday, December 10, 2012

As my Birthday Approaches I Can Feel the Presence of my Mother

I can feel the presence of our mother, Hilda, like you have no idea and the closer that my birthday gets, the more that I feel her and can actually hear her comments to me from the beginning to the very last time that I saw her alive. She witnessed  my playing a football game at Baylor Stadium, and I can still see her sitting in the front seat of the car waiting for me to come out from the dressing room. She immediately opened the door and came to hug me, telling me that she was so proud of me and loved me like she has never loved before in her life. I was in tears because my mother was so proud of me and she knew that I loved her.
Now that know she will be with me tonight and every night heavy until my birthday. This is amazing and I thank God for making all of this possible. Only God!!!!

I love you and please give me love to Mom and tell her that I miss her very much. I pray that all of you receive my cards.


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