Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It is All About the Unity of the Family

If we have no faith, we are actually living in a vacuum space on earth as if we did not exist, because we have no faith in ourselves or anyone close to our hearts. We must have faith in ourselves like never before. The dreams that we are seeking will only come true if we have the faith in our hearts and intelligence to make it possible.


Our movement is and shall forever be about the unity of the family, the return of the love and pride of the family, the embracing of the spirituality of the family, and sharing with the world that the time has come for us to return to the greatest gift that God gave to us from the time of our creation --the family.


Our father states that just as we wish for the entire world to know about our suffering, our pain, our loneliness, the chains and shackles that bruised my naked body, we must also advocate and share with the world our reasons for our survival, strength, courage, love, and the most powerful spirituality, It is all because of the family. The family never ever left me alone in that cold darkness and that mom would actually get on her knees and  at times would cry without the members of the family not even knowing that she was seeking my freedom and the love of her daughter because of the suffering and the pain of her daughter was the suffering and the pain of her heart and soul. Mom kept the family as one of the strongest families ever in this history.


The world keeps asking, "Ramsey, how have you managed to survive such suffering and oppression and darkness for the last 20 years of your life? I immediately answer that it was the love, the care, and the spirituality of the family like no other on this earth.


We must return of the spirituality and love of the family just as it was many years ago. It is our destiny to bring that spiritual enlightenment of family strength and pride back into the lives of the masses of our people and the masses of humanity. This message from the spiritual world was meant to be, because soon we will be celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and His birth was the freedom of the families and the freedom of humanity throughout the world. He gave His life for that freedom. Those who were with Him denied Him, but at the end He forgave them for their lack of faith.  


Amor, TEZ

“We will be free because we were born free, and Jesus Christ gave His life for that freedom, justice, and love.”

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