Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Struggle to Recapture the Loss of our Dignity as Human Beings

Your father stated, "Ramsey, as always, history has it recorded that you have advocated and have taught the masses of humanity with your penetrating and unquiet mind the true meaning of a profound consciousness commitment to fight social, political, and spiritual injustice in our struggle to recapture the loss of our dignity as human beings."  Every word that he stated had a historical impact that came from my life, continues in my life, and shall be the future of many lives because of my suffering, pain, sorrow, loneliness, after twenty years of unlawful and unjust imprisonment.
Yes, in so many ways we have lost our dignity and the time has come to recapture it. Without dignity we are not in existence on this earth. I love the word recapture used by your father who is so cool, so intellectual, and full of spirituality.

I know that with God on his side he is going to make that impact on earth that he was seeking to make, and I shall be one of his disciples.

Merry Christmas to the Ramos/Alvarez family and tell them that I love them with all my life.


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