Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We Are Not Alone and Never Will Be

We are not alone and never will be. Even Jesus Christ, who advocated the most powerful words of God throughout the countryside, the towns, and eventually the cities, only had a hand full of true believers with Him. Even out of that hand full of true believers He once made the statement that the day would be soon when He would be chained, shackled, and tortured. and those with Him would one day even deny His existence and not believe in what He advocated, which in reality was freedom, justice, and love -- direct gifts from God from the very time of our birth. This means that in order to have freedom, justice, and love for one’s life and soul and for all humanity, one must make the sacrifice, the suffering, the pain, the darkness, the chains, the shackles, so that God can come forth and bring the human enlightenment that was a part of our lives from the beginning of creation.


Yes, we are nearing the most historical day in the world and that is Christmas. To me it is historically the beginning of the creation of FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and LOVE. The birth of my loving brother Jesus Christ will mean more to the world than ever before. There must be peace within mankind before we destroy each other.  We must embrace and love each other as families like never before.


I don't worry about having people come forward to seek my freedom. I have God, Jesus Christ, La Virgin de Guadalupe, and all our spirits who are with me every day and every night in this mode of oppressive incarceration. The words of holy inspiration from your father and our mother, Hilda, state that the masses will soon rise and they will all wish to join our struggle for our freedom.


They say that from the twelve disciples that Jesus Christ had with Him until the day that He was crucified they began to join their movement for freedom, justice, and love.


We must always be thankful and express our gratitude to those who continue to be with us and let them know that we pray for them every night and every day and that Jesus will be with them all the time.


I love you very much and I am only getting so strong spiritually, culturally, and in love with you like you have no idea.




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