Saturday, December 22, 2012

Destined to Share Messages With the World

It would be difficult for the average person to understand the title of my writings because to be confined represents pain, agony, loneliness, darkness, suffering, and constant chains and shackles on the body.  Yet I continue to say with all my heart and soul that we have been blessed because the power of spirituality and love in our hearts and souls is above anything else on this earth. It has been given through the spirits who are in heaven with God.

It has been 20 long years of oppression, sadness, at times solitary confinement, but the love in the heart overcomes all inhumane conditions and treatment.

There is nothing more powerful and profound than the love and the compassion that one possesses in the heart and soul. This love can ever be diminished or destroyed. We were destined to love in this manner from the beginning of our existence. If some ever doubt these words of spiritual wisdom and intelligence about our existence and love, I invite their minds and souls to visit with me. It would take one visit to connect with my heart and soul, and see it in my eyes and my face.  

We have been blessed and we are taking our blessing to the mountaintop. We will get on our knees and thank God for choosing us to be the true believers in this world to overcome the pain and suffering for the last 20 years. We carry the cross that our brother, Jesus Christ, carried for freedom, justice, and love. We will never be defeated.

We can be shackled and chained and at times, but we will never ever be defeated. We have the faith, love, courage, and spirituality to overcome oppression and darkness. It is our destiny to be free and for the world to join us in this realm of freedom.

This will be a memorable Christmas like never ever before, because God and His Son, Jesus Christ, are proud of us for standing strong, seeking the power of God's spirituality and blessing in the darkness moments and times of our lives. We shall celebrate the birth of God’s Son, because it was meant to be, It is our destiny to share the power in believing in one’s self and his/her family. During this Christmas we will celebrate the spiritual power of the family like never before.



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