Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

I know that I will be in deep spiritual prayer and meditation like never ever before. I can only imagine what was going through the mind, heart, and soul of my most beloved brother, Jesus Christ, as He waited to be tried, and sentenced. Today represents the most historical crucifixion of a human being demonstrated to the world. Christ was stripped naked, beaten, tortured without a piece of bread for His hunger or a drop of water for His thirst.  Without strength left in His beaten body, He was forced to carry the cross. He fell, was beaten, and whipped on His body.

When He finally arrived the top of the hill, we was nailed alive to the cross by His hands. They bound both feet and nailed them to the cross in the same way.

I can feel His presence, and I can feel His strength, courage, pride, dignity and love like never ever before in my entire life.

It was meant to be for my spiritual brother Raul to be with me, as we will celebrate the resurrection of our beloved brother in struggle for freedom, justice, and love.

Ramsey Muñiz

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