Friday, March 29, 2013

The Love, Power, and Spirituality of our Mothers

I continue to do extensive reading and research into our spiritual world, reading books that have not been opened in the prison chapel for years. I spend hours and hours not only in prayer, but seeking what other individuals sought during those historical spiritual times, knowing in their hearts and souls that one day someone on this earth would take the time to read what they witnessed and sought in their hearts.

The message that I have found and has come from Jesus Christ is a love that keeps coming out so strong and so powerfully that humanity misses it during these most historical spiritual days. It is the blessing and the love of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

We must take the time and realize that our greatest gift on this earth was she who brought and assisted God in creating us for existence in this life yesterday, today and tomorrow.

It is not only the trial, the sorrow, the sadness and crucifixion of our most beloved brother Jesus Christ. It is about the greatest gift that God and the entire spiritual world continues to share with us and that the love, the power, and the spirituality of our mothers.

“Mary meets Jesus on the road to Calvary. The Blessed Virgin sets out toward Calvary where she knows that her son is to be crucified.   Upon the way she meets Him.  What immense sorrow to see Him in this terrible state!! Her gaze meets His, and the abyss of the suffering of Jesus calls upon the abyss of His mother's compassion.  What is there that she would not do for Him! This meeting was at once a source of sorrow and of joy for Jesus.  Of sorrow, in seeing the deep desolation wherein his suffering state plunged his Mother's soul; of joy, in the thought that his sufferings were to pay the price for all the privileges she had already received and for those yet to be lavished upon her.  Jesus continues his way towards the place of his execution because it is his Father's will.  Mary is one with him in all that he feels.  She knows that all things must be accomplished for our salvation.  She takes her share in the sufferings of Jesus in following him as far as Golgotha where she will become Co-Redemptrix.” (Blessed Columba Marmion).  

The power and the love of our mothers cannot ever be forgotten, for it is the source of all creation and righteousness. The more that we honor and cherish and embrace and love our mothers, the more God will come forward in our lives and bring an enlightenment of freedom, justice, and love like never ever before.

It is time to embrace Mary and let her know that we are with her in her suffering, in her witnessing the nailing of her most beloved son, Jesus Christ, and in witnessing his suffering to the very end nailed to the  cross of suffering, forgiveness , and love.


Ramsey Muñiz

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