Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Know in my Heart and Soul That I Have Been Blessed

Even though my family and I have suffered for the last 20 years of my life like no others on this earth, I know in my heart and soul that I have been blessed. It is very difficult to describe in the English or Spanish language, but in my heart and soul I can feel strength, courage, pride, dignity. Most of all, I feel such power of spirituality that sometimes i cannot contain myself. I begin crying like a child, thanking God for what he has given me, and for choosing me as His symbol of spiritual consciousness like no other at the present time on this earth.


There is no question in my heart and soul that the time has come for me to get closer to mom so that I can begin to embrace her. She knows that I have suffered like no other for the last 20 years of our lives and she has witnessed her own daughter suffer, just as I have suffered because our hearts and souls have been apart.


I know deep in my heart that you will begin to feel that spiritual consciousness that I have spoken of and your father presented not too long ago. If you go back to our previous messages, one night he said that I was the "symbol of spiritual consciousness.”  Now all of that is getting heavier and heavier like you have no idea. I feel like a kid that wishes to play all day and all night and everyone around here will ask me what I am taking because go 100 miles per hour all day and all night. I immediately answer that I have accepted the wishes and the blessings of God, Jesus Christ, and La Virgen de Guadalupe.


Know that we will be free soon and close to each other soon. Have faith and be strong for it is in your blood.





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