Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sensitive to Pain and Suffering

The entire afternoon was dedicated to Jesus Christ and His mother like never ever before. I cannot help but feel the love and the affection and the broken heart of Christ's mother as she was on her knees witnessing what they had done to her Son. Her feelings must have come into my spiritual meditation. Without evening realizing it, I was pouring out tears like you have no idea. I know that I am extremely sensitive to witnessing pain and suffering, because of my continuous suffering for the last 20 years of our lives. In other words, I know how it feels to suffer pain and sorrow and loneliness and to know that mom is suffering because of her illness. I can feel what others cannot or refuse to feel because they do not wish to feel bad about anything in the world except about themselves. That is what your father called selfishness.  For some reason or another like never ever before, my dreams and my deep meditations pertain to the suffering of Mary and Joseph and those who were so close to Jesus Christ. As they are reaching out to me, I am praying for them to come into my heart and soul, because  they suffered greatly knowing that God's Son given to them and the world was in reality crucified alive all for us who continue to live in a world of hatred, jealously, disrespect, and little or no compassion for humanity on this earth.


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